5 element fortune stone essentials

Published: 13th October 2009
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The 5 element fortune stone (also known as the lucky charm stone) is very popular in Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong and Taiwan. This stone has the ability to correct all personal imbalance of our personal 5 elements ( fire, water, earth, metal and wood) as well as that of our space.

The Five Element Fortune Stone is a semi-precious stone with the hardness of about 7. It is often produced in small quantities and extracted from a type of Chalcedony ore. Its composition includes jade, cinnabar and gold. 5 colours are found in the Five Element Fortune Stone; sometimes even 7 colours.

In Chinese metaphysics 5 elements (fire, water, earth, metal and wood) exits in everything around us; our birth date - time, the animal zodiac, the facing direction of a building and even clothes and accessories. There are many theories surrounding the 5 elements and different beliefs would require a person to wear different accessories.

Unlike other crystals or stones, the Five Element Fortune Stone has an all rounded magnetic field particularly enhanced by the crystallization and cinnabar in the Stone. The cinnabar also attest to the quality of the Stone. It requires long periods of time to form, indicating the prolonged exposure to the molding and refining forces of nature; creating a Stone with strong and consistent magnetism. This special magnetic property helps to balance any imbalance of the 5 elements of the wearer, bringing harmony and good fortune to the wearer. It can also avert disasters. It is said also to be able to boost the immune system, beneficial to those with back problem and arthritis.

The Five Element Fortune Stone with its all rounded consistent magnetic property is suitable for everyone; it would help to resolve all kinds of imbalances for the wearer.Th author is highly passionate in stones and collection of healing crystals. She also runs a popular crystals blog at Crystalise Me.

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