5 Must-Visit Landmarks in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Published: 27th January 2010
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If visiting Russia is in your plans for this year, be sure to travel to Saint Petersburg during your travels. Saint Petersburg is a historic, beautiful European city with lots of places to go and much to keep you busy while you are visiting. You will have much to see whether you visit Saint Petersburg in the summer months or during the winter when thecity is covered in snow. Although there are many great places to see in the city, for the sake of speed I am going to point out the 5 must see landmarks in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

One of the first landmarks I would visit is the Peter and Paul Fortress built by Peter the Great in the 1700's. The opulent Peter and Paul Cathedral is within the perimeter of the Fortress where many Russian Emperors and Empresses are buried. The cathedral is built of stone and is an unique design for a Russian Orthodox Church of the day. There is a golden angel holding up a cross on top of the cathedral's golden spire. The Peter and Paul Cathedral at404 feet is also the highest building in thecity. This is the reason that I put this on my 5 must see landmarks in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Within the walls of the fortress there is also the City History Museum and the Mint, a place where medals and coins are minted.

Another one of my 5 must see landmarks in Saint Petersburg Russia is the White Palace which through the ages housed the Russian Tsars. The White Palace is also known as the central building of the Hermitage Museum and is aprime specimen of Baroque architecture. There are over 1700 doors and over 1900 windows in the thousand plus room palace. The White Palace along with four more buildings form the world renowned Hermitage Museum. The Hermitage Museum houses the largest art gallery in the country and is one of the most well-known museums in the world.

The Alexander Column, created by Auguste de Montferrand, is the focal point of Palace Square. The Alexander Column stands over 150 feet tall and has an angel holding a cross on on top of it. The column consists of a single monolith of red granite standing over eighty three feet tall. The Alexander Column is a feat of engineering and was erected in less than two hours without using a crane. It is truly one of the 5 must see landmarks in Saint Petersburg Russia.

An impressive monument dedicated to Peter the Great is the Bronze Horseman built upon the orders of Catherine the Great. According to legend the city will never be destroyed by its enemies while the Horseman stands guard in Saint Petersburg. The sculpture was created by Etienne Maurice Falconet who created the pedestal from a single piece of red granite shaped into a cliff where the horse and rider are displayed along with a snake which depicts the enemies of Peter the Great.

As you can imagine there are many interesting places to see while you are inSaint Petersburg. These 5 must see landmarks in Saint Petersburg Russia are just the beginning of a beautiful journey through the city.Need flowers Saint Petersburg ? Visit http://www.sendflowers.ru/eng/flowers-russia-saint_petersburg/

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