5 Reasons To Travel To Kyrgyzstan

Published: 05th October 2009
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If you are trying to find five reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan, you will need to do some research as the information is not easy to come by. The Kyrgyz Republic, the official name of Kyrgyzstan, is a small country in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan has China to the East, Uzbekistan is located to the west, the northern side is bordered by Kazakhstan and the southwest lands of the Kyrgyz Republic are bordered by Tajikistan.

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous region similar to the Alps of Switzerland. The Tien Shan mountain range covers over 90% of the whole country of Kyrgyzstan. The city of Bishkek is the capital and largest city in Kyrgyzstan, with more than 900,000 people. The capital has a diverse population and its streets are filled with brightly colored cafes and markets full of fruits and vegetables and products imported from Pakistan and China.

The five reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan that I have discovered are listed below. Prior to traveling it would be a good idea to read about the country of Kyrgyzstan to learn about the traditions and culture of the country.

Five Reasons to Visit Kyrgyzstan

1. Love of Adventure - Traveling to Kyrgyzstan is not for the faint at heart. Kyrgyzstan is a country of wild beauty and extremes. There are risks involved with traveling to Kyrgyzstan but that risk is part of the appeal to those who choose to visit.

2. Untamed Mountains - More than 90% of Kyrgyzstan is mountainous and rugged terrain. Visitors with a sense of adventure can discover the beauty of Kyrgyzstan's mountains. Snow skiing is offered a few miles from the capital city of Bishkek.

3. Lake Issyk-Kul - There are many lakes in Kyrgyzstan, but the most beautiful is Lake Issyk-Kul, the largest lake in Kyrgyzstan, and one of the largest lakes on the globe. A visit to Kyrgyzstan is not complete without a visit to Lake Issyk-Kul to enjoy its natural beauty.

4. Unusual Games - Ulak Tartysh, a mix of polo and rugby where two teams on horseback fight for the possession of a goat carcass, which they then try to deliver across the opposition's line. Many of these games played in Kyrgyzstan are played on horseback. A lover's sport, Kys Kuumai is a game where a boy chases a woman to win a kiss from her as she rides away; if he is not successful, the girl may then turn to chase him and try to hit him with her horse whip. A Chabysh is another popular game involving long distance horse racing.

5. Horseback Riding - Since gas is so expensive in Kyrgyzstan, horseback riding is a popular form of travel. This can be a great experience for those who love to ride horses, since they can get to places in Kyrgyzstan that motor vehicles cannot.

Traveling to Kyrgyzstan can be an exciting experience for the adventuresome person who wishes to travel to an untamed country. Reading over the five reasons to visit to Kyrgyzstan can assist you in deciding if this would be an experience that you would like.Need to send your beloved flowers? Visit flowers to Kyrgyzstan at http://www.sendflowers.ru/eng/flowers-kyrgyzstan/

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