A bad marriage that affects your child

Published: 27th June 2009
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Bad marriages do affect the lives of children. Constant fights between husband and wives, in front of the child will certainly bring an adverse effect in the behaviorof the child. Actually it is the genes that are produced in the parents that are responsible for passing the behavior patterns to the child. More of this is explained in the following paragraph. 

A bad marriage can ruin the carrier of your school going child. Due to constant fights at home, the child will not be able to concentrate in his studies and this will reflect on his school report card. Your marital conflicts can cause a series of problems for your children, especially if they are exposed to daily squabbles, physical violence and argumentative behavior caused by husband and wives and all this in front of the children. Both of them argue to the extent of yelling at each other. This can be a bad example for the child. He may thus end up becoming a terror in the class. 

A research study has proved that parents who argue a lot may pass on genes for 

disruptive behavior to their children. A childs behavior is shaped by his

inheritance as well as his experiences. The childs parents may suffer from a pathological disorders and their genes have been passed on to the child. Thus the child may suffer from a character of aggressiveness which has been passed on from the parents to the child. Thus, at times we must have noticed that children who come from loving families, still exhibit disruptive behavior. But this is not the only reason of childs misbehavior.

So, what we need to know of the fact that children just pick up certain behavior from their environment. Based on their experiences they try to act to situations in their life. They tend to relate to their past experiences and thus manifest accordingly. At the same time, the other side of the reality is that if a child is genetically predisposed to aggression, depression, violence, selfishness etc., then that part of behavior will be passed on to him.

Whether its by natural instinct or by experience that children misbehave, we must know that children have their own ways of reacting to situations. Lets not bother ourselves by feeling bad for the child’s behavior. It is our duty, as parents, to bring to his notice about anything wrong that he does and that we should be ready to explain him things that he may not be able to understand on his own. We need to train him for good behavior habits irrespective of his behavior.Angelina Croft aslo writes on topics such as How to Get a Divorce and How to Get Over Someone Visit A bad marriage that affects your child.

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