Add a splash of style with wall sconces.

Published: 28th April 2010
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If you are looking for a light fixture that will add some subtle light to your home for accent lighting or mood lighting. Then a wall sconce is a great way to achieve this. A sconce can add a splash of light to a other wise dark hallway. It can also be used to create mood lighting in a theater or dining room. You can even change the amount of light that is put out by adding a dimmer switch.

Wall sconces are typically used in a group of two or more to disperse the light.. Sconces can be used in various areas and ways throughout the home to give a splash of light that is easy on the eyes and soothing to the mind. They provide an indirect light which is generally directed upward to reflect off of the ceiling or downward to reflect off the floor. However, there are now styles available which are open-ended and direct a shaft of light both upward and downward providing a completely different effect. Many manufactures like Livex Lighting have created many designs of wall sconces that have multiple lights. This gives a elegant look to the area that it is in.

Entry ways are can enhanced by sconce lighting, being placed on either side of the entry door providing an inviting welcome to visitors. If you have a large entry you can add several to create a warm and inviting area for guests in your home. Hallways are another good space to add sconce fixtures as they are generally darker areas that don't require a great deal of light. Placing a pair of sconces on each side of a large mirror can add a designers touch to a bathroom. This will also help in creating proper lighting for such tasks as shaving and applying make up.

Bedrooms are excellent places to install sconce lights as a mood of romance is so often expressed there. Attach one on either side of the bed above the nightstands for a brighter light or perhaps across the room to the sides of a door or dresser for a more distance low light source. Sconces installed to the sides of the bed with a switch for each sides is a great way to add lighting for reading.

Wall sconces are also great in the kitchen for providing extra light. Placing several around a breakfast nook will add a nice atmosphere to a family dinner or a relaxing chat with friends. They can even be placed on the outside of a front or back entrance to give an appealing look to your home as well as adding light for safety.

Depending on the strength of light desired, various bulb wattages can be acquired in sconce fixtures to provide just the right flavor of lighting. Numerous types and styles of sconces are also now available to meet specific decorating needs. Install wall sconce lighting today to add that touch of designer appeal to your favorite rooms in your home.You can find a great light fixture for your home including a wall sconce @ We carry great brands like Livex Lighting to brighten up your home.

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