Air Conditioning – 3 Reasons to Choose a Solar Air Conditioning Unit

Published: 13th April 2010
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Have you been wondering which would be the right and the most prudent choice when it comes to choosing the right air conditioning unit? With so many sales representatives ringing your door bell on a daily basis, such a choice can definitely become cumbersome and all that they would show are products that would give them better revenue than to think about products that would be more beneficial to you.
With such thoughts they would never dare venture to show you the benefits of a solar air conditioning unit over the other conventional units. Hence I am going to talk to you about the 3 reasons to choose solar air conditioning.

Reason 1
A solar air conditioning unit does not work on electricity or the conventional source of power like all other air conditioning units. These units absorb energy from the sun's heat and light and convert them into power that can be used to run your solar air conditioning unit. Since these units do not consume electricity that is being provided by the state, you do not have to worry about the ever building electricity bills! This air conditioning unit is your best bet to lower your electricity costs.

Reason 2
The 2nd reason to choose solar air conditioning is for the amount of space that it occupies. Such units are very much similar to your split or duct air conditioners, where there is an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Since the actually cooling unit is on the outside, you can always place the unit on your roof or your terrace in accordance to your convenience. A conventional window air conditioning unit on the other hand is bulky and very hard to install. You will have to create a slot to install it or expand the existing window and try padding the extra crevices to prevent cooled air from escaping. The installation and the space requirement for a solar air conditioning unit is definitely lesser.

Reason 3
When it comes to maintenance, it will definitely be easier for you to service and maintain your solar air conditioning unit than a duct unit. The spare parts are easy to procure and are definitely cheaper than those branded conventional air-cons.
Since the cooling unit of your air conditioner is placed on the roof, you can easily dismantle the outdoor unit and clean it at your leisure. Unlike a conventional window air-con, you don't have to remove the entire unit just to clean the fan or the cooling tube.
Here are three simple yet rational reasons why you should consider a solar air conditioning unit for your cooling needs. If these three reasons are not sufficient then I would suggest that you look at the price difference between a solar unit and a conventional unit. Solar air conditioning units are definitely cheaper, easy to install and maintain and does wonders to cut down on the utilities bill. Buy a solar air conditioning unit now to leave a safer and greener planet for your future generations.Jane Cooper writes about a variety of topics including Houston air conditioning and air conditioning repair in Houston.

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