Air Conditioning – A Healthy Car Air Conditioning Unit in 3 Simple Steps

Published: 13th April 2010
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Air conditioning units that are used in cars are prone to create problems and lead to quite a lot of complications, both economically and health wise. It is best to make certain that your car's air conditioning provides best performance and is maintained well. Statistics have shown a direct link between asphyxiation in cars that lead to the loss of lives on and off the road.
Here you will find three simple steps to ensure that your car air conditioning units are always healthy for safer driving and healthier life styles.

Step 1
If you want your air conditioning unit to perform well and last longer, then make certain that you use the unit really well. Most air conditioning gas leaks happen due to lack of use. Even if it is winter, make certain that you leave the air con on for at least 5 minutes each day. This will ensure that the gas circulates regularly and does not lead to the breakage of the seals that prevent gas leak.
During summer make certain that your car air con is on at most times and let air con ventilate to ensure that the stale air is removed from your car and fresh, cold air is circulated within.

Step 2
While using your car's air conditioning, make certain that you have the windows slightly open for 2 minutes when you start the air con. Apart from sending out the stale air, the air conditioning unit will also be able to cool faster when all the sealed humidity escapes from your car. Ensure that you close the windows after this time period.
For better performance make certain that you keep the thermostat at minimum when you start your car and let it be at minimum for the first few minutes of driving. This will ensure that your Houston air conditioning unit does not strain too much to cool your car in an instant.

Step 3
It is best that you get your car's air conditioning unit serviced once in every 14-18 months. It is mandatory to look for the capacity of coolant and have the right amount for optimal performance of your air con.
If you own a sedan or an SUV, it can easily consume up to 2 kilos of coolant or refrigerating gas in this duration. So when it is time for your car's air con to be serviced make it a point to get it checked and refill the cooling cylinder if need be.
Remember that your car's air conditioning will only perform well if you maintain it well. The more you use your car's air con, the better the performance and the life span of your air conditioning will be. Regular checks and supervision will ensure that your car's air conditioning gives the best results possible. Also make certain that you get your car's air con checked by an authorized dealer and only original parts are being used if there is a need for replacements. Do not use unauthorized or uncertified parts or gas cylinders that may result in damage to both your car and you.Jane Cooper writes about a variety of topics including air conditioning in Houston and air conditioning repair in Houston.

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