Avoid Sway in the Golf Swing

Published: 11th June 2009
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It is important not to sway if you are looking to improve the results of your drive shot in golf. Sway in golf means the lateral movement of center of your balance. Sway causes hindrance in your way of making the best drive shot. It also hinders your way of landing your ball on the perfect spot. If you have a serious sway problem, then you must be having a hard time on the golf course since your golf ball always lands in the most tight and tough places on the golf course. Following are some tips that will help you to avoid sway in your golf swing.

It is very tedious endeavor but you have to get over it to make your swing shot better and most importantly your game. In order to stop swaying, you need to know how much you are actually swaying. You can only tackle your problems when you know them. For this purpose, place a shaft of golf club or an umbrella just an inch behind your back foot. The stick should be touching your back hip or your rear. Make a back swing. Determine how much you are swaying by judging from the difficulty to take the shot with the sway stick sticking in your back or touching it.

To overcome your swaying problem, place your both feet together and swing with your shoulders and hips. Make sure that you master your back swing without touching the sway stick behind your back. Your weight should be evenly distributed and balanced on both your feet. You should feel as though you're pushing the golf club as far away as possible. You should do this by not swaying into the stick and turning yourself around a fixed axis.

Once you are able to swing without touching the stick. Spread your legs apart and continue practicing until you have reached and mastered this step in your normal back swing stance.

I know by the time you are finished with this practicing, you will be able to play the game perfectly and without swaying. You game will be improved overall and you will be getting good scores up on the score card.Thomas owns a blog with funny pictures and movies updated on daily basis. Take a look and have fun.

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