Can I Sing Like Josh Groban?

Published: 21st July 2009
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Josh Groban has an amazing voice. He was born with a fantastic gift. Some say he is a tenor; others class him as a baritone. He can not only sing as a classical singer but can also lend his voice to pop records too.

But do you want to sing like Josh Groban? He spent years and years perfecting his already fantastic voice with extracurricular singing lessons and vocal training so you will have to have the talent before you can even consider trying to sing like Josh Groban. Josh knew he had a talent but still worked on the most important thing first and that was getting good grades. This made him have to work even harder when it came to singing.

So if you want to sing like Josh Groban then there are a few things that you will have to do. Firstly you should take care of your voice. You should refrain from smoking, talking excessively and even shouting too loud as this could damage your voice box. Josh Groban spent a long time training his voice so why not invest in some proper singing lessons. A quality vocal coach will be able to train your voice easily and quickly. Josh Groban started out as a rehearsal singer which allowed him to practice singing in front of large crowds and even gave him the chance to sing with other famous singers. There is no shame in starting at the bottom so keep your eyes open for any jobs that may get you introduced to the right kind of people!Learn all about Josh Groban and his music at

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