Can You Get a Second Chance at Romance With Your Ex-Girlfriend?

Published: 03rd December 2009
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There is no question that dealing with a breakup from your girlfriend can be a hard time for a man to get through. You have all of those constant reminders of her, those lingering thoughts that run through your mind. You might find yourself looking out the window at times, hoping that you will see her walking back to you. Every song on the radio seems to somehow know the pain that you feel and yet, it does not help you out at all. In fact, sometimes it makes everything seem worse.

You might find yourself doubting whether or not getting a second chance at romance with your ex girlfriend is even a possibility. After all, the things that she said to you, it does not look hopeful. Not in the least bit. Don't allow these nagging doubts, these lingering questions in your mind prevent you from getting back with her. There are many times when a couple will break up, even under terrible circumstances, and still they get back together.

So, there is hope for YOU and your situation.

Are there ways that will attract her back?

This is a thought that many men will have and while, there are no definite answers, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. As long as you have not done anything to close off her window for you forever, then there is a GOOD chance that you WILL have a second shot at romance with your ex girlfriend.

Here are a few tips that will get you started on attracting her back:

1. Allow yourself the luxury of letting her go. I know, I know. This sounds completely counterproductive for what you want to accomplish. That is your emotions talking to you and not your logic. When you allow yourself the luxury to let her go, not only do you FREE yourself from the pain, but you give her the time to quietly think about things without any arguments, animosities, or anything else that can cloud her mind.

2. Focus on changing YOUR life. There are many times that a man will let a relationship breakup kill his entire life. He will let go of the things that he holds dear, and this only puts you in a worse position and digs a deeper whole. A woman is not going to want to come back to a guy who has let his life become a mess. She has to see a reason to return and this has to be compelling to her.

3. Ignore the negatives. There will be times when it seems like all your efforts to attract her back are in vain. There will be times when it seems like she is drifting further away. Don't allow the negatives to make you second guess yourself. A woman will pull away a little before she comes back and you have to recognize this for what it is. It's not the end, it's a new beginning.

4. Don't try to be her friend. When you have broken up with your girlfriend, it's only natural to want to still be around her and because of this, many guys will try to be friends with their ex girlfriend. This just gets you into more problems as you will either get jealous of her new life or you will get cast into the friend zone, never to get out. The whole point of gaining distance is to keep a line between you two for a while.

5. Plan out and use a method to attract her back. With logical thinking and a well tested and well formed plan, you can easily learn what works to attract her back and get a second chance romance with your ex girlfriend. The problem of ignoring this and going without a plan is that it is too easy to fall back into your emotions and patterns and repeat your past mistakes or do things that will push her away. There are times when you need some advice, some help, and a well formed plan to get what you want. Take advantage of this, as you really could be back with your ex girlfriend again.

If you really want to attract your ex girlfriend back and get a second chance romance with her, then you have to be able to follow all 5 steps. Otherwise, it's any body's guess whether or not you will attract her back. Go ahead and get your second chance at romance with your ex girlfriend.Want to attract her back?

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