Dating Tips For Parents Of Teenage Daughters

Published: 09th April 2009
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When your teenage daughter starts dating, it can be an exciting and scary time for both of you. Teen dating has changed radically in the last 50 years as our teens are expected to be much more mature and worldly than their counterparts were generations ago. The dating world is a minefield, where every step can be dangerous from drug use to unwanted pregnancies. You will be an important guide, hopefully helping her navigate through the right path.

Dating is extremely important for you daughters growth into womanhood. She will learn social skills and how to handle adult situations. You can help your daughter's transition to adulthood by being a good role model and teaching her good values. You need to be a good listener, so your child feels comfortable confiding in you, knowing she will not be judged.

One of the hardest conversations you will have is the "sex talk." Your daughter will have many questions about boys, some may be embarrassing for her to ask. She'll look for your advice on how to dress and act on her first date. Can she hold his hand; kiss him (the first kiss) on the cheek or lips at the end of the date, what they can talk about?

Girls face unbelievable pressure in today's dating world. Many boys will expect the girls to have sex with them and resort to many different tricks including you would if you love me, calling her immature because she won't have sex while others will threaten to break up if she doesn't put out.

Counsel your daughter how to spot and react to boys who try to control her or will try to keep her away from her friends. Even at a young age, some boys will try to verbally or physically abuse her. And of course it is very likely your daughter will have her heart broken by a boy. Either a boy will not like her as much as she likes him or a boyfriend will break up with her. While you know these are just a part of life, they will be traumatic to your child. With some careful planning, gathering a great deal of information and a lot of luck, you can help your daughter have a happy and fun time as a teenager.Enjoy better health for you and your teen - try glyconutrients and gochi - visit

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