Five Easy Things to Do to Get in Shape Today

Published: 16th February 2010
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Now is the perfect time to start getting in shape. Whatever the day, whatever the month, now is the time. Whether it is for a special occasion, vacation or for no real reason at all, today is as good a day as there will be.

With busy lives and little leisure time, it gets difficult to find time to work out so here are some easy tips that can be incorporated into even the most busy life to help get in shape.

1. Walk. Walking is good exercise and helps burn some calories; it also makes you feel better. From a gentle walk down to the store or a fast-paced power walk, it is good for you. Walk around your neighborhood, around the block, or in your yard. If you work in an office, take some of your lunch hour and get out for a walk. It gives you more energy for the afternoon. Experts suggest that the average person should take 10,000 steps per day, adding up to five miles but many people only manage 3,000 at best. A good investment for is a pedometer to measure your daily steps and a pair of hand weights for additional toning work while you walk.

2. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Whether it is at work or out shopping, avoid the escalators and elevators and use your own energy to get from floor to floor. If you work on the fifth floor of an office block, start by getting off the elevator one floor below and walk up one storey. After a week, get off another floor down and take the stairs for another week, and so on. At the end of a month, you can be walking all the way up and, without even noticing, you will be in better shape than you were! Once you can easily walk up every day, pick up the pace!

3. Dance. It is well documented that music affects mood and upbeat music can not only make you feel happier, it can make everyday chores somewhat easier to bear. So when that pile of ironing, dusting or vacuuming seems like a chore, try doing it to music. It will be more bearable; it can also speed you through your chores and helps get you in better shape. Even the most mundane chore is a little easier if you dance your way through it.

4. Find 30 minutes a day and do some stretching, yoga or Pilates, or invest in the Wii Fit. Any of these activities tones muscles, burns some calories and makes you feel more energetic. Thirty minutes of exercise before work will give you more energy for the working day and 10 minutes of yoga before bed will relax and calm you before a good night's sleep. There are many great DVDs on the market or the Internet that will give you a step-by-step guide to follow.

5. Who says you have to sit at your desk? Push the chair aside and do some squats while you are catching up on emails, reading reports or thinking through your "to do" list. There are many exercises you can do sitting at a desk. Tone up while you work by exercising the abs, glutes, and legs at your desk.

All of the above can be incorporated into even the busiest life and before long can become part of an everyday routine. To really make an impact though, exercise and getting into shape should be combined with a healthy eating regime. A great idea is to start a journal and monitor every meal, snack and drink throughout a week. It will be an eye-opener! Most people snack without realizing it and a journal will help to analyze why those extra pounds creep on. Society dictates a breakfast, lunch and dinner lifestyle but many people find eating five or six smaller meals throughout the day is great for losing and keeping weight off. Just swapping the high calorie snacks and cutting out a couple of coffee drinks during the week will help to lose weight and feel more energetic.Visit Compare Health to locate and compare fitness and nutrition professionals in your town. Offering a broad list of massage therapist NJ, in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco.

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