Food in Syria

Published: 13th August 2009
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Food is the soul of every city and nation. A city which serves its people divine food enriches the love and affection of residents, tourists and guests. Divine food can enlighten mind and boosts up the mood. Syria is famous for its divine food and garnishing methodologies. When you'll visit Syria and will order something to eat, you will definitely notice the way your dish is garnished. Each and every bite of the Syrian food defines taste. Syrian chefs serve all types of food with better tastes and styles. Even the simplest of the simple dishes will be served to you beautifully. Syria is very well known for its food and this is the reason why you will not be able to resist tasting every dish in your visit to Syria. If you visit some country and find food which is tasteless and looks horrible then you'll feel like just getting out of it as soon as possible. Similarly when you get good food, you feel like staying heir more.

Food can be considered as one of the reason why every tourist or visitor loves this country. In Syria you will never find one type of food dominant. You can get any type of dish in this mesmerizing country. Although the country has rich amount of Muslim residents, pasta and other such dishes can be easily found here. Some of the most famous dishes served in Syria consist of beef, lamb and lots of spices. The most famous dish among them is the shish kabob. Only the best chefs of this country and can serve you this amazingly divine dish. It takes a total of five hours to prepare, thus only your special order will make the chef cook it especially for you. No wonder people of Syria are its die heart fan and the day you will taste it, you will surely ask for its recipes.

All the famous foodies of the world visit Syria especially to taste its cuisine and applaud it in front of the entire world. Syrian cuisine is mouth watering because its exotic smell makes a person irresistible from eating it. Now let us go deeper in the kind of dishes served in Syria. Makloubit Betinnjan is another famous dish but the ingredients with which it is made are quite different. Egg plant is the main ingredient of this delicious dish. Sauce and salad is usually served with this dish. The garnishing is done so beautifully that it adds to the taste of the food.

In general Syrian food comprises of almost every food item available. Vegetables, beans, fruits, grains, aromatic spices, lemon, garlic and even mint are used in Syrian food. Parsley and mint are two things which are used excessively in almost all the Syrian dishes. So if you are going for a Syrian dinner, then do expect these two components in all dishes. Some dishes are presented very differently and some are made differently. You can even expect some dishes in which you can enjoy vegetables stuffed in meat and vice versa. If you will ask for a very simple and basic dish at a Syrian restaurant then it will consist of mezze, which consists of appetizers, salad, pickles and nuts. If you are planning for a main course meal at any Syrian restaurant then you will find dishes made of a great combination of meat, fish or chicken. No matter what you order, salad and pickles will be served along for sure.

Another tasty dish of Syrian culture is Kibbe. This dish is also a divine amalgam of chicken, wheat, flour, vegetables and off course fish. This dish fried and then served with lemon. The chefs share their experience of preparing this dish and they always mention that Kibbe is one of the most difficult dishes to prepare. Small patties prepared from meat are named as Lahamajene in the Syrian culture. Many a times these round and small patties are considered to as small pizzas. A dish mastered by all Syrian women is sambusak. It is prepared using dough, cheese and meat. All the Syrian women prepare this dish exclusively for their family. They have mastered this dish and always prefer to prepare it of their own rather than spending money on buying it. But for a tourist, these dishes are served in almost all Syrian restaurants.

The way all these dishes are served in Syria, will make you wonder and realize the importance of food, its taste and look for the Syrian people.damascus syria Visit Food in Syria.

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