Great Gift Ideas –Jewelry for Young Girls

Published: 08th February 2010
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If you're the parent of a young tween or teenage girl, you know that shopping for them on any occasion can be a challenge. Teenage girls can be very picky about what they wear and how they look - not to mention that almost everything needs to be name brand and shown off as such. Jewelry is very popular among young girls because it symbolizes certain aspects of "coming into their own" and independence, and also represents beauty and femininity. If you are deciding which piece of jewelry is going to be right for your teen daughter, there are a number of ways to go.

Pierced ears: Although many teen girls might already have their ears pierced, for those that don't it can be a very exciting thing to have done for the first time. You and your daughter can have a great time going to the store and choosing a pair of earrings together for the piercing. This is a great gift for a tween or teen girl and a chance for you to spend some quality time with each other.

Promise ring: There are many fathers out there that are choosing to present their teen daughters with promise rings for a 16th birthday. This ring signifies that the girl will remain chaste until she is married. This ring symbolizes commitment and trust between the parents and the teen girl. There are many styles and stones that can be chosen for a promise ring. You can purchase a promise ring from almost any jewelry store, at all price levels.

Gold chain: A gold chain is a great gift for a teen girl. There is a vast array of styles, shapes and lengths to choose from. You can choose a rope chain and an accessory to go with it, like a cross or something else that you feel accents the necklace. There are many chains that come with lockets, as well. You can even add a picture in the locket for a special touch. Though many teen girls might prefer a gold chain, there are also very nice silver or white gold chains that you can choose from.

Bracelets: A bracelet is a very feminine and charming gift that any teen girl will enjoy. There are many different styles of bracelets to choose from. A simple gold bracelet or even a tennis bracelet (with diamonds or other stones) can accentuate the arm and be very beautiful on a teen girl. Charm bracelets are also very popular and can be accessorized by several different small charms that fit onto the bracelet. The charms can be chosen over a period of time and you and your daughter can enjoy picking out charms to go on her new bracelet.

Anklets and toe rings: An anklet or toe ring can be the perfect gift for a teen girl. They come in many different styles and can be gold or silver. It is best to purchase real gold or silver for an anklet or toe ring as they are worn for long periods of time, and copper or other cheaper metals can discolor the skin. You can find a nice anklet or toe ring at almost any place that sells jewelry.

Price is an important consideration as well, some children are responsible enough to be careful with an expensive piece of jewelry, and others may be less so. You can be just as thoughtful and expressive with a simple yet elegant piece of jewelry that she will treasure and can keep into her adulthood. Make sure that you shop around for the best deal and something that is going to maintain its value and quality. The teen girl in your life will appreciate the time you spent to choose the piece of jewelry and this will give it special meaning to her.Disney Precious Collections, the leading brand in children's jewelry, is comprised of two lines of the highest quality jewelry available for girls available. The Enchanting Gemstones Collection includes 14-karat gold pieces with diamonds and special gems. The Enduring Enamels Collection features 14-karat gold and handcrafted enamels of Disney characters, as well as classic icons.

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