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Published: 19th July 2009
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Do hand towels call for an orientation? I guess they do. We use many kinds of towels in our day to day lives. So it's natural to mistakenly consider other towel types as hand towels.

When it comes to size, hand towels are the smallest of all towels. They're usually used for drying your face and hands. However, there are different sizes of hand towels. Most households keep hand towels folded around utility sinks for day to day use. Hand towels are also hung in our bathrooms.

You can find different varieties of colors or designs. A lot of people like to use decorative hand towels. Sometimes they make good gift items too! Here're some ideas on most common varieties...

Woven hand towels

They are woven from natural as well as synthetic fibers. But most commonly they're made out of cotton. This makes them comfortable to use and highly absorbent. Woven hand towels are reusable. They are suitable for both hand washing and machine washing. They're thick and long-lasting. They're just right for your day to day washing or drying.

Disposable hand towels

They're essentially non-woven. Actually, they're not made as reusable ones. Rather, they're meant to be thrown to trash after use. They're made out of lean and light paper. Unlike their woven counterparts, they're never used as durable hand towels. They're always white and come in one standard size only.

Everyone should have hand towels in their bathrooms. They're much more cost effective when you compare them with traditional paper towels that are meant to dry your hands only. Disposable hand towels are useful, and can successfully add a great decorative feel to the interior of your house, as well.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect new towels for your bathroom!

1. It's always a good idea to choose towels with base colors. The idea here is to match your hand towel's color with that of your bathroom. Say, your bathroom has a neutral color. Then it would be wrong for you to go for black hand towels. The colors of your hand towels are most suited when they compliment different colors around them.

2. Your hand towels should be worth their costs. Say, you are planning to buy a flimsy piece that costs $5. Or say you pick a thick one for $7 - it's better to buy the second one. Thin hand towels are not very absorbent usually. Moreover, they don't look as pleasant, and are usually less durable than the thick ones.

3. Try to buy decorative hand towels. This can add some extra punch to the looks of your bathroom's interior. It looks more interesting too. Pick a piece of decorative hand towel that suits the theme of your bathroom. For instance, when you have beach themes in your bathroom, you should choose a hand towel that has 'shell' details.

Hand towels can bring variety, beauty, utility and class in your home. So make sure you're going for the right choice.For details visit: http://www.handtowels101.com/decorative-hand-towels/

When it comes to size, hand towels are the smallest of all towels. A lot of people like to use decorative hand towels.

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