History of Aurora, Colorado

Published: 30th December 2009
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Aurora, Colorado, one of Denver's larger suburbs, was founded in 1891 by Donald Fletcher. Initially named after its founder, the town took on the Latin word for "dawn" in 1907 and was a textbook- and postcard-perfect representation of small-town America.

Aurora began collecting city and tax revenues under a new charter in 1929, and used the funds for sewer systems, road and street improvement, and municipal fire stations. At this time many residents were located just south of Colfax Avenue, an area still considered, and sometimes still called, "Original Aurora."

In 1918, the Army built Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, which treated military casualties (until taken over in the 21st century by the University of Colorado for a new medical center). In 1942, the Army Air Corps erected Buckley Field and further increased the military presence in the area. The postwar boom was, therefore, especially powerful in the Denver metropolitan area, making the region one of the fastest growing in the country, a trend lasting into the 1980s. By the early 1960's Aurora had grown to some 50,000 residents, and from then through the 1970s many new companies brought considerable prosperity, with the city benefiting from both business growth and public works in the form of new highways and municipal construction.

The 1980s saw the greater Denver area increasing in population, along with the rest of Colorado, while it also became home to a number of large financial institutions, headquarters of national retail chains and high-technology firms. By 2000 Aurora had nearly 277,000 residents. The most recent population figures are for 2007, when just under 288,000 people called the city home.

Ideal and idyllic

Tree-lined streets, wide open prairie lands, breathtaking views - how could these not combine to create a major attraction for visitors and residents alike? There are numerous parks spread across the hundreds of distinct neighborhoods in the area, varied locales with unique atmospheres that help to complete the city's diverse atmosphere. Weather is mild, with 300 days of sunshine annually. During the winter a beautiful blanket of snow may cover the big city, but unlike Denver, near the Rockies, Aurora is on the plains and is rarely "snowed in."

Among its many other parks, Aurora has a sports complex that is some 220 acres in size. It features 23 full-sized soccer fields and a dozen baseball and softball fields, and hosts local and state tournaments, and a variety of sporting events, in every season of the year. The Aurora city government and its departments stay busy, offering over 8,000 recreational classes, running seven libraries and maintaining 100 parks with over 60 miles of trails. With a regular schedule of civic events and festivities taking place year-round, Aurora is a city that blends modern technology and business with old-fashioned, small-town pleasures. It is a city very much loved and appreciated by its residents.

Real cultural education

One of the best places in Aurora to discover the depth and breadth of its history is, quite unsurprisingly, the Aurora History Museum. When it first opened in 1979, it was a tentative undertaking in an historic building, just two small galleries and one office. The Museum eventually outgrew the location and had to change location. After closing for an inventory and to make the move, the Museum reopened in 1991 as part of the City of Aurora's Cultural Services Division. With its new, larger quarters, the Museum expanded its exhibit, developed a much larger gallery space and added a public "community room," as well. There is a modest classroom where the museum staff holds lectures and workshops for the community. Group and school tours take place regularly.

With diverse displays - and a reference library that, by itself, is twice the size of the Museum's old home - one can learn almost anything about the city and see some of the area's very oldest artifacts. It is not merely a landmark, but a special and vitally important place where Aurora's and Colorado's history comes to life, painting a picture of a special town that has been honored for many things. In 2004, it was recognized in the 50th Anniversary Issue of "Sports Illustrated" as Colorado's "Sports Town" for its leadership in facilitating and promoting amateur and professional sports. There are professional athletes from Aurora playing professional basketball, football, golf and other major sports in North America and around the world.

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