Homeless Man Becomes International Author

Published: 17th July 2009
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Bruce Goldwell was homeless for almost a decade. He learned the secret of how to overcome his adversities and is now a published and soon to become movie producer. In reality, Bruce has 8 books in publication and has an 9th book about to be released. He is not only available in the USA but in Brazil as well. His fan base is growing in the United States as well as expanding in other countries worldwide.

He once held up a billboard that read, 'Homeless Vietnam veteran, please Help" but now he is helping others through his books, through speaking engagements and through private coaching he does with businesses as well as individuals. Bruce's story is not unique as others have also overcome great adversities to achieve great success. His story is inspirational just the same and there are many who believe that Bruce should be seem on shows like Oprah Winfrey whereby ten of thousands can hear how Bruce overcame the streets and has become not just a winner in his own right but is helping others to achieve their dreams as well.

The third book of Goldwell's 'Dragon Keepers' series is about to be released and with the first of the 'Dragon Keepers' movies about to go into Development, it will be no time at all before this fantasy/adventure Trilogy will be known worldwide. Saga Books in Canada is Bruce's publisher and they have been working hard to re-brand the 'Dragon Keepers' books and getting the Trilogy prepared to re-release before fall of 2009.

Goldwell is expanding his ability to help motivate and inspire others. He has just begun a Monthly Consultation Newsletter that will be sent out to those people who are on the Newsletter Mailing list. Each month Goldwell offers advise and consultation for others to use so they can live a life of abundance and achieve their hopes and dreams. As Goldwell reaches out to help others to make their dreams a reality, his fan base continues to grow and he continues to move mountains.

For more information about Bruce Goldwell visit his blog at:

http://1stmillionairesclub.blogspot.com/2009/07/you-must-release-fear-to-move-forward.htmlBruce Goldwell is an author and success coach. His books are available at www.BruceGoldwell.com.. Visit Homeless Man Becomes International Author.

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