How to Build a Grape Trellis

Published: 14th September 2009
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A trellis is a set-up made to secure grape vines. A well-constructed grape trellis is an integral part of any vineyard. You cannot dream of producing outstanding grapes without creating a functional trellis as grapevines are not sturdy enough to hold the product that they will produce. Constructing this kind of project is very simple and it is also inexpensive.


The materials needed are anchors, ratchets, springs, wire splicer, wire fasteners, posthole digger, spinning jenny, shovel, tamper and saw.


Place your vines in eight-ft. by eight-ft land plots. Double check if each plant is place eight to ten ft. apart. Each plant needs at least eight ft. of trellis to develop well. It should be durable and flexible enough to strengthen the crop. It should also allow enough sunlight to pass not only through the vines but the leaves and the fruits. The height of the set-up depends on the type of climate in your area and the variety of grape that you have planted.

Areas that have a warmer weather usually utilize bigger trellises while places with a colder weather utilize small ones. Construct the whole set-up before planting the vines. Utilize flexible and good quality materials like pre-treated lumber, aluminum, steel or PVC pipe for your project to ensure that it will last for a long time. Set the posts two inches below ground. Place a twenty feet interval between the wooden posts. Utilize three foot posts for smaller trellises and eight foot posts for bigger ones.

Place a pair of 12.5 gauge steel wire (galvanized) along the posts. Place the lower wire about three inches off the base while the 2nd galvanize wire is atop the wooden posts. Use a staple gun to keep them in position. Place wire strainers at both sides of the wire to maintain the tension on the wires.

To place the catch wires, place nails on both ends along the wires of the vine trellis. Make the gauge wire the same size as the whole set-up. Connect the chain links to both sides and place them either side of your project. You can place it on the center post. Place a stem from the main vine along the wire. Secure the vines with the help of catch wire. Adjust them as the plants mature. You now have a means of ensuring that you will have a good grape harvestPlease click these links if you want to know more about how to build a grape trellis or how to build a grape trellis in general.

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