How to Build a Pyramid

Published: 12th September 2009
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Most individuals view the pyramids in Egypt as one of the greatest achievements of mankind. They were constructed in such a way that it still inspires modern day scholars. It may not be possible to create one as big as the ancient pyramids but it is possible to make a smaller replica.


The materials needed are plastic sheeting, sand, milk crates, wire, stock strapping, nails and staples.


The tools needed are wire snips, shovel, bobcat, tape measure, pen and paper, surveying set-up, knife, vibrator, hammer and staple gun.


You need to create a solid base for your project since you are creating an object that has a considerable weight. The land under your set-up should be flat as possible. A vibrator and surveying set-up will help you ensure that your location will be as smooth as possible. If it is going to be a permanent fixture, use rebar and concrete to strengthen the foundation.

Examine the surrounding location as you construct the location for your set-up since it will also need to be flattened out. Carefully place out the 4 sides of the structure. The corners of the set-up should be in the same size as a one by one by one cube. Place a plastic wrap above the cube. Ensure that the corners are properly in place by pushing in the cube. Create slices at intervals into the sheeting for water drainage.

Place sand inside the cubes. If you are using the original construction procedure of the Egyptian pyramids, arrange the cubes accordingly to create an initial layer. Create a space inside that will serve as the tomb area. As you increase the level, preserve the overall size of the tomb area and the ways leading into it from the outside. Check if each level is uniform from one another.

Make the necessary adjustments if you see any cube that is not aligned properly. Use wire to properly secure the cubes. Start each layers one-half cube from the previous layer. You can also do this by hand or use a bobcat to place the cubes in position. Once you have finished the whole set-up create a 45° triangle of strapping to place at both sides and center of the cube layer.

The strapping should fit the edges of the structure perfectly. Strengthen the cubes with the help of the wire. Use sheets of woods to shield the cubes. Paint it to your desired color. You now have a perfect replica of the ancient Egyptian pyramids.Please click these links if you want to know more about how to build a pyramid or how to build a pyramid in general.

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