How to Build Deck Stairs

Published: 14th September 2009
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Constructing stairs for your deck is a challenging endeavor. You should make sure that you get the exact calculation of the height of the stairs to avoid any unfortunate accident.
The portions of the set-up that are visible are called risers or steps and the skirt which hides the stringers and strengthens the stairs as well. The stringers support the steps and treads below it.


The materials needed are 3 D nails (galvanized) for connecting the steps to the stringers, two by four nails for additional support, three-in deck screws for the connecting the wooden boards and the threads to the stringer, wood( the visible parts should look like the wood in your platform), 2 by 12 pressure treated wood for the stringers, a pair of two by twelve wood, three pressure-treated two by ten wood and a six ft. two by six wood.


The tools needed are a four ft. level, calculator, hand saw, circular saw, set of stair gauges, tape measure and carpenter's square.


Before you start building the whole set-up, check the construction code in your community for the needed measurement for your platform stairs. Creating a rough draft of your project so that it will guide you properly throughout the project. You must determined the measurements before dividing the first wooden plank.

Begin by calculating the overall Y-height of your set-up. You can determine the height by checking where the last riser will be with the help of 40' slope. Place a straight wooden board on the platform and go to that location and determine the measurement down to the base.

To determine the exact number of the risers: divide the Y-height by seven (the standard riser height). If the answer is a decimal, round it off to get the total (above if the answer is .5 and below if the answer is smaller than 0.5). The standard code states that the total height of a step should be between six ' inches and eight inches.

To know the exact amount of tread risers, take out a single one from the total number of steps. Multiply the result by 10.25' to determine the tread's length. Decide the size of riser material. The standard size is 1', the total thickness of a five/four by six wooden platform boards.

Do not forget to subtract the size of the riser and the stringer (the wooden board which you connect your steps). When you determine you exact measurements, you can now carefully cut the boards.

Installing the steps and the treads to the stringer board should be simple enough if you get the right measurements. You also need to create a pair of right and left wooden board for skirt. It is also advisable to create a good base at the landing area. It could be a cement slab or stone base.

Placing joists to set-up to support it. Placing railings will also help protect anyone who will climb the stairs to get to the deck.Please click these links if you want to know more about how to build deck stairs or how to build deck stairs in general.

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