How to Choose a Professional Copy Center for All Your Business Needs

Published: 09th April 2009
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No matter how big or small your business is copy centers provide a vital service to you. Printing reports, estimates, flyers and even business cards is time consuming and difficult to make professionally. A sloppy presentation can make or break a deal so you need to be sure that the materials you use have polish.

Printing out massive reports needs to be done as economically as possible and most desktop printers cost quite a bit to run large projects from. Between the cost of the ink cartridges and the time they take to print out more than a few pages at a time desktop printers can leave you pulling your hair out. Your best bet is to choose a good copy center and get your work done quickly, affordably, and looking good.

What to Look For

Convenience: If you prefer to hand deliver your documents for printing the copy center should be close to your business to save you time in traveling back and forth. You can also look for online copy centers and never leave the office. Using an online copy center allows you to send your documents via a secure transfer on their site, or by email. If you choose an online copy center that uses their site for uploads be sure they are secure and your information will not be seen by others. Your packaged copies will arrive by mail directly to your doorstep.

Paper Types: Choose only a copy center that offers you a choice of various types of copy paper. Depending on the type of copy you are seeking you will need to be able to choose from bond, coated, textured, card stock for covers or business cards, index stock, tag stock which is a heavy paper suitable for double sided printing, and Bristol stock.

Communication and Customer Connection: This is especially important in an online copy center. You need to be assured that you will be able to convey your needs to an actual person easily. The best copy centers will not only provide email support but phone, and even live chats so that you can be sure the person you are talking to understands your specific needs and will be there in case of a problem.

Check the FAQS: A good copy center will lay out all of the most common concerns and questions and how they deal with them on their FAQ pages. It is also a good idea to check a copy center's TOS (terms of service) to make sure you will not run into any surprises regarding pricing or delivery.

Multiple Locations: If you are dealing with person-to-person stores and travel a lot make sure the copy center you deal with has multiple locations and exists in areas you are likely to need work completed.

Additional Materials: Copy centers are not just for reports or flyers. You should inquire about their abilities to print out envelopes, books and pamphlets and what types of bindings are available.

Graphic Design: It is helpful if your copy center has personnel onsite that can assist you in designing certain types of projects. If you are creating a sales flyer, business card, or even a letterhead stationary having someone who can help you with layout and even artwork is a great benefit.

Templates: A good online copy center should provide you with templates for projects that have bleed requirements such as business cards, flyers that include graphics, book or report covers containing artwork, logo creations and other art projects.

Detailed Instruction Pages: When working with an online copy center it is especially useful if they provide a good information center that completely outlines how each type of printing works, what you need, how you should prepare your work, and what limits there are on graphics.

The more information your chosen copy center provides the easier your job will be and that's the bottom line-making your work easier.Go Green! At Think with Ink we help the environment by offering options for green printing. For all your brochure printing, postcard printing and business card printing, visit us online at

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