How to install a sound system for a BMW E46

Published: 24th April 2009
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It has placed itself in a well distinguished position among the leading car manufacturers of the world. One of the series released by BMW is E46 with latest enlightening features in it. It is very important to take a view in its audio system which has received a mixed response from the critics as well as from the users of that car.

It has been identified that initially the audio sounds well but at the later stages when we go on using this for a longer period the mood changes as it results in a lethargic music which depress the music lovers during the long travel hours. The internal system does not give any satisfactory finish as its technology is highly incomplete without any remedial action taken against it. Its technology comes under the non HK which mean non standard audio devices in this field. Also the speaker standard is not that good for a car of this brand where people buying it will expect something on its higher end.

It is said that speakers present are something like a paper cone which is highly untreated with foamy surrounding, as the result the base and amplitude of the music played is something devastating. It really distorts the pleasant nature of the listeners who are very much valuable. Even a basic model cars have much more amplified audio system than this system where the bass level is said to be around fifteen kilo hertz so that the sound does not cover the entire car which results in a negative marking or rating in auto field. Also the amp rating is lower compared to other basic models present in this field. Car sounds good but not the sound system.Visit, for more details about BMW E46 Lautsprecher, BMW E 46 car speakers and BMW E 46 Altoparlanti

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