How to make a Time Attack Car

Published: 13th August 2009
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Ever been to a race car track and seen the cars zooming around the track as fast as possible and thought that it would be awesome for you to own one. But you probably thought that it would be way to hard or expensive but you where wrong although if you pay someone to do everything on the car you will spend quite a bit of money but if you do all of the work yourself you will get a great sense of achievement every time you drive it around the race course you will also have fun while making your race car and will also learn a lot of new skills that you would of never learned if you had not decided to make a race car. First off you will need all the required tools for the job such as a welder, a angle grinder, an engine crane and many many more. Although you could buy all of these tools new you could always decide to go down the second hand route of buying used tools that still work great only difference is that you will not get a warranty. First thing you want to do is take the engine out you may need to invite some friends around to do this or else it can be dangerous and also take a very long time which can be easily shortened and better spent working on more of the car. At this point in time after you have taken the engine out you should take the gear box out as well a common thing to do if you do not want to spend a lot of money is get an old skate board and drop the gearbox on there. You should now put the car up on jack stands and take out all of the stock suspension components and replace them with adjustable coil over suspension which allows you to change the height of the suspension quite easily it also makes the car a lot stiffer which means you can go around the corners a lot faster than if you where just on stock suspension. You may also want to build a roll cage which is a bunch of tubing that goes in the interior of your car and when you roll your car over it makes the roof stay in position but if you are not a confident welder it is recommended that you do not make your own roll cage as it may be the thing that saves your life in the long run so it is well worth the money to buy one. You now want to do some engine upgrades this may include installing a turbo charger which forces cold air into your engine which means it accelerates quicker it can also blow up your engine if you do not have a tune at a dyno tuner. This will make your car go faster than ever before around the track. You are now finished making a Time Attack car.Sam Read also writes on topics such as Kent Moore Tools and Grizzly Tools Visit How to make a Time Attack Car.

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