How to Make a Water Rocket

Published: 16th September 2009
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Since we are not capable of launching a real rocket, then maybe, we can at least just create our very own water rocket.

The materials that we will be needing in creating a water rocket are an insulating tape, four card boards, an inflater, and two 1,250 milliliters of pop bottles.

The first step on how to make a water rocket is to prepare the two pop bottles. One of the bottles must be cut and divided into three pieces but the middle and top sections must be kept.

The next step on how to make a water rocket is to stick the top section onto the bottom of the second pop bottle, while the middle section of the cut bottle must be stuck on the second pop bottle. The material that must be used to stick the bottles is the insulating tape.

The card boards must be cut out to be used as the water rocket's empennages.

The next step on how to make a water rocket is to put water of 200 milliliters inside the bottle. The water rocket must be capped into the inflater for launching. It must be put into the launch pad prior to pumping the air inside the bottle. The atmospheric pressure that must be inside the bottle ranges from 70 to 75 percent in order to have a successful water-rocket launch.

As for the tips on how to make a water rocket, one is that mixing soap with water will actually augment its speed and time. Another tip is that the use of a smaller nozzle will actually result to longer flight and it will decrease drag during take off. However, the use of a bigger nozzle will actually let the water rocket go faster and higher due to the fact that water gets out of the water rocket faster.

Aside from the steps and tips on how to make a water rocket, we also have warnings such as the importance of pumping only enough air inside the bottle. Pumping more than enough air in the water rocket will result to an unsuccessful launch. It is also important to somewhat be distant from the water rocket during and after pumping air.

These simple steps and tips on how to make a water rocket will definitely entertain rocket lovers. Not only are the steps fun to follow but one will be amazed at the finished product as its performance will definitely leave one in awe. This home-made water rocket can reach 90 meters high or more. It can even go as high as 200 meters, depending on how the water rocket is made. It is one of the most popular home-made toys and it will even inspire one to improve the look and the performance of the water rocket. In some countries, especially the United States, competitions for home-made water rockets have been conducted.Please click these links if you want to know more about how to make a water rocket or how to make a water rocket in general.

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