How to Pick a Lock with a Hairpin

Published: 10th August 2009
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How to pick a lock with a hairpin is a significant skill that any household owners must learn. It comes handy in case you lose your home keys, including those for your door knobs and anything else that is secured by padlocks.

Do not worry because how to pick a lock with a hairpin is such a simple and easy task that you would be able to manage, for sure. People used to have an impression that picking a lock is difficult but no. In fact, it is a doable task. You just have the right tools and some patience to learn how to pick a lock with a hairpin.

Step 1: First, straighten out the hairpin. Hairpins work like paper clips. They only work and they can only be used to pick a lock if they are straightened first. When straightened, hairpins can be very effective in picking padlocks and door knobs.

Step 2: Insert the straightened out hairpin onto the lock. The ridges of the hairpin must be placed accordingly, onto where the ridges of the key usually go into.

Step 3: Turn the hairpin gently to the direction the thing unlocks. As what you are unlocking are your own things, you should know, quite clearly where the lock turns to open. In case you do not pay much attention to such detail, you can try turning clockwise and then counterclockwise if the first did not work.

Step 4: Keep your hold with the hairpin firm while you are turning it gently. Remember not to overturn or you risk locking it back again. If at first attempt, it did not work, try repeating the steps again. If you follow the instruction well enough, you will be able to open a lock without hassle and definitely without a need for very harsh actions such as hammering a padlock or something like that.

Hairpins are not only the tools that you can use to pick a lock. There are also other items, most can be found lying around in your home or office that you can use to effectively unlock a door or padlock. Make sure that if you attempt on how to pick a lock, you know the right ways and the right tools to do so.

No doubt, how to pick a lock with a hairpin proves to be the most convenient thing to do. For one, hairpins are quite very common. You can easily find one at your home, office, or even at your beauty pouch.Please click these links if you want to know more about how to pick a lock with a hairpin or how to pick a lock with a hairpin in general.

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