How to Write a Job Transfer Letter

Published: 23rd March 2009
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A job transfer letter, as an easy working definition, is more of a formal request forwarded to your direct supervisor. This is commonly made by employees who are requesting a change of work location or a change in position. A job transfer letter is akin to writing a resume as if you are applying for a new job opening. It can be made as a response to an actual job vacancy in your company or as a personal request for that change.

The steps you take to write a job transfer letter is pretty much like writing a resume or, to be more specific, your resume cover letter. In short, you are trying to sell yourself to the company all over again and are hoping to get that change. We'll go over some important details when you write a job transfer letter.

Just like a your resume cover letter, when you write a job transfer letter or request you need to specify certain things to persuade your supervisors and prove yourself worthy of that change. Other than an attempt to sell yourself, you also need to make your argument and saleable points pretty obvious to make you the ideal choice. You should not only try to prove your own competencies, you should also show how the company, or that specific department or division, is going to benefit from choosing you.

Another point to consider when you write a job transfer letter is that though you are currently a company employee, that doesn't automatically mean that they'll hire you for the vacant position or grant your request for a change. The little details we mentioned earlier are important to consider as you write a job transfer letter.

Other than a new vacancy, another reason to write a job transfer letter is when circumstances have forced you to relocate, illness, or any big change in your personal life. This time the objective is for you to keep your job and move to a different location.

When you write a job transfer letter in response to a job opening in the company you're presently working for, remember to do the following things: You should mention your intent to apply for that certain job vacancy. You should also emphasize your experience, abilities, and the advantage of being familiar with company.

You should also noticeably give your sincere praise for the company. But remember that you should never over do it since this might be interpreted as kissing up to the boss just to get hired. State the reason, as clearly as possible, for your request or application. Most of all, remember to mention the specific benefits the company will gain if they hire you.

When you write a job transfer letter to request a personal transfer, remember to mention the following specific items. State the specific reason, appealing to your supervisor's human side, for your transfer request. You should still include a summary of your best work qualities. Make your commitment and loyalty to the company a big highlight of your letter. Remember to express your appreciation for all the things the company has done for you. You may include a proposition to train your replacement before your move.

When you write a job transfer letter, you are not only appealing to the company but you are also appealing to your supervisors. Balancing your skills to the company needs is a key to writing a great job transfer request.Will Spencer is a career specialist and job hunting consultant and has written many articles such as Job Transfer Letter Info and How to Write a Cover Letter for Iqio Web Site. Visit How to Write a Job Transfer Letter.

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