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Published: 04th September 2009
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ComboFix may be employed to delete even the most persistent spyware. These are alot of tenets to help you run the software in the correct way. Remember, this application should be activated if the assistants ask for it.

Setting Up the Computer

Shut down all open windows and applications. If you've got any spyware or antivirus program, turn them off. Firewalls must also be disabled. If you're on a network, you may need clearance from the chief. Check the user guide of those applications on how to turn them off.

Using the Program

After closing all open applications, double click the ComboFix icon. You'll see a Windows File Open Security prompt. Don't panic. What this OS is saying is that the app doesn't have a digital signature. Ignore the message and click run. For Windows Vista users, click continue.

Next you can see the sites where the software can be downloaded. Click OK. Next is the disclaimer button. Read it and click yes to resume. You may see the application make a System restore Point.

System restore

The System restore Point is a Windows built in feature. The OS ( in this situation, the ComboFix software ) marks the original configuration. By chance something goes belly up, it will return the OS to this point. You may make System restore Points in the Control Panel.

The Registry and Recovery Console

The program will also back up your Registry files. The Registry contains important system files. Next it will set up the Windows Recovery Console. If it is's already in the system, this step will be skipped.

Note : if an error message appears announcing the Recovery Console cannot be made, just select to continue. You can make the Recovery Console after scanning is finished.

Scanning the computer

Before ComboFix starts, disconnect from the Net. If you do not, the software will do it for you. After scanning it will attempt to reconnect again.

Scanning may take some time, so take 5. Don't be surprised if the clock format is altered. Its an element of the process. There will be a message box updating you of the proceedings.

Note : don't click anything when the scan is being run.

After Scanning

A communication will be created. Don't worry if the desktop disappears. Once the result is created, it'll come back. The clock format will also revert to normal after scanning. The software will shut down. Paste this log into the helper. It will explain to you what to do next.

Avoiding spyware and adware

Only download from reputable websites. Hackers use programs to send viruses and spyware. It's also a good idea to avoid opening .exe files in emails. These may contain spyware.

It also helps if you keep yourself updated on the facts. Read the most recent tech stories. They will help you get data on the most recent malicious software / malicious software threats. Knowing the symptoms is very crucial.

With your helper, ComboFix can be used to dump most malware and spyware. Used correctly, it can be a powerful software to your PC.

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