Is DIY (Do It Yourself) Spray Foam the Best Choice, or Is It Better to Have a Professional Installat

Published: 23rd September 2009
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When you plan to insulate your home, your first thoughts should focus on quality, as there are numerous different ways one can have one's abode securely insulated. One particularly good type of insulation to consider is spray foam. Both durable and water resistant, spray foam is so versatile that it is used in a variety of practical applications like refrigeration and packaging, but it is especially useful as insulation. There is little doubt that spray foam is better than fiberglass and cellulose insulation. Both fiberglass and cellulose have low R-values per inch and therefore do not prevent heating and cooling leakages as well as spray foam. This greater efficiency with spray foam saves you money on your monthly heating bill. Because it is such an effective insulator, the main question about spray foam is not whether or not to use it, but whether to choose do-it-yourself (DIY) spray foam or to have it professionally installed.

DIY spray foam offers many advantages. The first, naturally, is that when you do something yourself rather than paying someone else you spend less money. DIY insulation kits are quite cheap to purchase from retailers or online. One can obtain a variety of kits in a range of prices. A one room kit will typically run you around $300, while a kit for two rooms (or one larger one) will be about $600. An entire 1200 square foot home can be done for around $1,300 or so. Since you only pay for the materials and not the labor, you save a significant amount of money.

DIY spray foam is relatively easy to use, though you should know there are two different types, closed cell spray foam and open cell spray foam. Closed cell foam is stronger than open cell, though it is also far more expensive. Depending on the way the foam will be used, which you choose may vary. Do your research to choose the right type for your specific application so that you make sure you can effectively install it.

Another advantage of using DIY spray foam is the ease with which one can get the necessary materials over the internet. This means that even if you live in a rural area away from building supply stores, you can get quality supplies with which to do your insulation job. This is a great options for those in remote areas, though people that live closer to the city may opt to go to a local retailer to avoid shipping costs.

So while using spray foam is a no-brainer, is doing it yourself a no-brainer too? DIY is cheaper, but is it better? Just as with any other home repair, there are many factors to look at when one considers insulation installation. Are you positive which type of foam to use? What use will the foam be put to? What is your budget? How well do you do DIY projects?

One thing you get from having professionals install your spray foam is peace of mind. Professionals can afford better blowing tools which makes the job more efficient and less time consuming. They also typically have insurance which covers any problems. And, of course, they've done it before, often having years of spray foam installation experience which could help them in the job. Having handled more foam in more situations, they know what to expect or what potential problems they might encounter. However, when you have someone else do the work for you, it comes at a cost. In addition to the materials, you have to pay for their manpower, time spent, and experience.

There are other things to consider as well when choosing between DIY spray foam installation and professionals work. People who live in far flung places may not be able to acquire such services, or the professionals might have to come so far that their trip charges become cost-prohibitive. It may be easier for people in large cities to get professional services while the opposite is true for those who live in the more rural areas of the country.

The choice of whether you should choose DIY or professional services depends largely on you. You must determine what you are willing to spend and how much work you are ready to put in. If you have some handyman skills and less money to spend, DIY spray foam installation is probably the best option for you. If you don't know a hammer from a screwdriver, are short on time, and have more money to spend, you may wish to pay a professional to install your polyurethane spray foam installation. In the end, the answer is determined by the particular situation in which you find yourself.Spray Foam features quick and easy do-it-yourself spray insulation which will save you money and energy. Guardian Energy Technologies Inc. offers the added benefits of reducing our carbon footprint by offering foam it green solutions and balancing their impact through carbon reproduction projects. Visit online today.

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