Latex Mattresses- Does Quality Justify the Expense

Published: 12th June 2009
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Latex mattresses are a relatively new entrant in the mattress world. Yet they have caught on like a storm. This can be attributed to their unique features and the quality of comfort they provide as an instrument of sleep. Thousands of latex mattress users have rated them as the best they have ever used and due to their life span of 20 years and more, if used carefully, they have no qualms about the money they spent to buy them. Latex mattresses are made mainly from natural rubber latex, that is extracted from trees and treated extensively before it becomes ready to be used to make mattresses. Synthetic latex has also been invented, but it neither has all the qualities of natural rubber latex nor is it as durable and long lasting. Latex mattresses are of two types based on the method of making latex. Dunlop latex is the original form of latex, which is thicker and firmer. On the other hand Talalay latex is the more elaborate form of latex produced, and is softer and less dense.

Latex mattresses are made after the latex undergoes extensive treatment to ensure that it does not degrade, or catches dust mites and bacteria, and becomes long lasting. As a healthier option for the whole family, it is also a more expensive option, and many wonder whether the expense is justified. On weighing the benefits with the expense, the restful sleep, uninterrupted relaxation and the soft, gentle feeling is worth every penny spent on it. Its life span of over two decades would see multiple replacements of other lower grade mattresses and would add up to a lot more in that time. Some of the top latex mattress brands include Sealy, Serta and Stearns, and Foster. These brands claim to have a lasting time of an entire life span.

The comparison of latex mattresses to memory foam mattresses reveals the level of superiority of the product. In fact, many people opt for the latex mattress over the memory foam one, due to its firmness and ability to bounce back. People with joint pains and arthritis feel comforted by the softness of the latex mattress against their bones and limbs. The spine alignment alleviates pain and the improved circulation improves general health. People using a latex mattress feel that it ensures a full, uninterrupted night's sleep more than any other mattress. It is firmer than memory foam and also does not allow motion transfer, thereby ensuring that the partner does not get disturbed by each movement on the bed. They are also suitable for all types of climates as they adapt to the body temperature easily.Bob Lee is a full time writer working for is the largest Online Beds and Mattress Store in Singapore offering a wide range of well known Singapore mattress brands and high quality bedroom furniture. Visit Latex Mattresses- Does Quality Justify the Expense.

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