Learn How to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Consumption and Lower Your Cost

Published: 13th August 2009
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Recently the phenomenon of global warming has emerged telling us about the impending danger posed to planet Earth from humans. Everyday carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere are causing grave damage to out environment and climate, and did you know that your air conditioning unit is part of this problem? 10% of US energy is consumed to air condition different types of buildings while 14% of it is used to cool our homes. Studies reveal that consumption of air conditioning in US adds 14 million tons of carbon dioxide each year.

And even after contributing in this global problem, you will find that your cost of air conditioning is still too high. In order to do nature a favor and reduce your energy bills, you need to think about alternative sources of air conditioning. If you happen to reside in a climate where temperatures are not searing hot with low humidity, you can resort to house fans. Ceiling fans can be useful to keep your house cool provided that the external temperatures are not too high. Despite the fact that Energy Star has rated many ceiling fans, still there are many companies which offer non-energy saving fans. But in each scenario you will be spending lesser energy and your cost will also be lower.

Temperature within the house can also be decreased considerably by using double-paned or even triple-paned windows. Although, this option can be more expensive for most households, yet it can reduce your air conditioning needs. If you find this option beyond your reach from the financial perspective, you can still use curtains and shades effectively to keep out the sun light.

If you have a small garden in your house, you can also start planting shade trees. This option can have double impact on environment as not only these trees will keep your house cooler in summer afternoons but they will also help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. A programmable thermostat is another tool to reduce your cooling cost and lower energy consumption, as it will automatically adjust in times when either you are asleep or have gone out shopping.

You can also reduce your energy bills by replacing candescent bulbs with energy saving bulbs. Turning off the main switch of electronic equipment within the house when not being used, can also considerably lower your energy consumption.

You can even take some steps with the looks of your house to reduce your air conditioning needs. It is very useful in reducing heat to paint your house with lighter shades with a higher 'Light Reflective Value'. Similarly use of reflective roofs can also reduce the amount of heat being absorbed, lowering the consumption of air conditions by 10% to 15%.Martin works in http://www.homeairconditioners.com.au a company dedicated in teaching people the clear uses about home home air conditioners . Visit Learn How to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Consumption and Lower Your Cost.

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