Lighting - 5 Must Know Facts on Low Voltage Lighting

Published: 08th February 2010
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When it comes o power saving low voltage lighting seems to be the best answer. It is not only used in hotels, restaurants, stores, art galleries and bars, but it has found a gaining popularity in many homes as well. Cabinet lighting and cove lightings in bathrooms, under cabinet and under desk lighting are all made possible with such low voltage lighting. Here are 10 must know facts about such low voltage lighting.

Fact 1
Such lighting systems usually come in 12 or 24 volts and that's the amount of electricity they tend to consume. Such lighting systems use a transformer which would help transform your standard voltage to 12 or 24 volts. Your standard voltage usually is 270 or 120 volts hence such transformers come in handy to help with the lighting. Such transformers are available as either magnetic transformers or even as electronic transformers.

Fact 2
In comparison to a magnetic transformer, electronic transformers are definitely light. They are very quiet and smaller when you compare them to their magnetic counter parts. But you need to remember that such electronic transformers can only provide up to 300 watts. A magnetic transformer on the other hand can provide anywhere between 1100 - 1200 watts. Such transformers also come as AC and DC electronic transformers.

Fact 3
Low voltage lighting system definitely supports a dimmer. It does not matter whether you are using a magnetic or an electronic transformer. Make certain that you install the dimmer when using a low voltage lighting system so that it controls the primary side of your transformer. This side is also called the line voltage side and this would be connected to the 270 or the 120 volts. While choosing a dimmer you would have to make certain that your choice would work well with the kind of transformer you have.

Fact 4
You choice of the light bulbs show match the transformer that you have in place. You cannot afford to buy a 12 volt light bulb when you have installed a 24 volt transformer. If you use a bulb that does not match the transformer in place then the bulb would give up immediately and there is a very high likelihood that it could lead to a fire accident in your home.

Fact 5
As for your 5th low voltage lighting fact, you need to remember that a lot of electricity needs to be conducted to help the transformer make the lighting system work. Hence you would have to remember to install thicker wires for such lighting systems. It is best that you look for wires that are at least 6 mm thick or consult with a professional electrician as to which would be the best wire size for such requirements.
The next time you wish to install a low voltage lighting system in your home or office, you would always have to remember these five simple facts. With these even you can get the best low voltage lighting system and get the best out of such lighting systems too.Jane Cooper writes about Houston light bulbs and lighting fixtures in Houston.

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