Living a Secret Life: Movie Stars, Baldness and Wigs

Published: 24th November 2009
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Have you ever stared in envy at the beautiful movie stars and their glorious locks? Have you ever wondered how that 60-year-old actor or actress managed to keep that thick, lush hair? Here's a secret: some of the hair you envy is a replacement. That's right; even movie stars wear wigs.

Much of the "who" is conjectured across a variety of movie buff, starry-eye websites. However, it takes a definite (and hardcore) suspension of disbelief to believe every star has naturally grown, lush, beautiful hair. Think about this: according to several studies, baldness affects about 50% of men by the time they reach 50 years old. How easy is it to believe that the lucky half all happen to be in Hollywood?

What is also hard to believe is that so many stars go from a receding hairline to full locks, or that one with a widow's peak now has a straight hairline. For that matter, if you built a picture portfolio of almost any star (male or female) down through the years, you would see an amazing amount of change. After a good, long look, it's clear they're doing something; the question becomes "What are they doing?"

The Few, The Proud, The Bald:

Depending on the personality, some proudly sport their shining, hairless scalp. Bruce Willis gave up on trying to hide his baldness and shaved it off. Patrick Stewart, The Rock, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel are a few others. However, although "bald is beautiful", there are still tons of stars that would rather wear a cover-up than do the dreaded comb-over.

The Secretive:

Most stars have secrets, or at least, try to have secrets. However, quite a few will go to the ends of the earth to deny any hint of baldness. For instance, a rumor circulated in 2002 (which is how all these things start) that Ben Affleck was at a rough party with Vince Vaughn and lost his wig. Although he denied, denied, denied, it's a bit conspicuous that Affleck used to have a widow's peak and now has a straight hairline. The list does go on:

John Travolta - Good looking, piercing blue eyes, dimples to die for... and a moving hairline. In several paparazzi photos, Dear John was captured with a tuft of hair on the front, a bald dividing line and hair in the back. Yet, in Wild Hogs (2007), he's back to that beautiful, thick hair. Wig? Weave? Plugs? Rogaine? Nobody knows but Travolta and his hairdresser, and they aren't talking.

Nicholas Cage - Talented actor with a huge following; in the movies, Cage has a receding hairline and a widow's peak, but thick hair in the back. Again, thanks to the paparazzi, we know the thick hair is a partial wig, carefully designed to hide thinning hair in the back. It's well done, but he doesn't seem to want to admit that the hair he wears wasn't originally his.

Naomi Campbell - Lovely Naomi wears several hairstyles throughout a single year, waist-length, hip-length, and shoulder-length are just a few. The one hairstyle you seldom see, however, is anything with her hair pulled back. However, during her August 2009 arrest, Naomi was captured pushing her hair back. It turns out beautiful Naomi of the long, flowing locks is thinning. Of course, Naomi has never been shy to let others know she uses weaves...

The Unafraid:

A select few are balding, wearing wigs, and unafraid to talk about it. Dashing Scotsman, Sir Sean Connery, proudly shows his bald spot at press meetings and interviews, but isn't afraid to don an elegant, well-managed hairpiece for the screen. Pierce Brosnan, as well, wasn't worried about admitting that he wears a partial wig in several movies, such as Die Another Day. Tom Arnold, as well, happily shares the news that he uses a hairpiece.

The Moral:

Not everyone can have naturally beautiful, thick hair. However, whether you're a Hollywood star or part of John Q. Public, everyone can have beautiful, thick hair with the help of an elegant, beautifully styled wig.Undetectable Wigz is a leader in lace front wigs and more. Whether due to illness or fashion, we have the perfect wigs for you. Visit online for more information.

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