Mercedes Adapter and iPod Interface

Published: 27th March 2009
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Audio device compatibility with the Interface and Adapter:
The USA spec Adapter is designed for better compatibility with all Mercedes vehicles which are manufactured in 2005 to 2007.These vehicles are loaded with Different audio system likes Audio 50 APS, Audio 20 and Command APS factory radios of Mercedes.
SLK series: SLK-R171
E series: E-w211
CLS series E-W219

Features of the iPod interface and Adapter: iPod interface is used for integrating iPod device with vehicle factory radio .Through this factory radio we can plug and play the iPod device. Interface allows controlling, plugging and play and connecting the iPod device.

Text Display: Through the adapter we can get the iPod screen on the audio system head. The head of the audio system displays Song lists, artists, play lists, genre and pod cast.
Operate iPod through radio buttons and Steering wheel: If the vehicle is fully equipped with steering wheel then you can operate the iPod without removing your hands off from the steering wheel. You can also operate the iPod through factory radio buttons.
IPod charging: Whenever you connect the iPod to the interface while driving, this interface charges the iPod. So you can attain full access to the iPod usage.

IPod Access: If the iPod device connected to the interface then it starts working whenever you start the car engine and stops automatically after powering off the engine.
Reset options in iPod: The iPod never resets. Whenever you connect to the interface It plays from the particular song which your listening during the last time. It plays from the last listened song by the auto memory feature.
High Quality Sound: Through the iPod interface you can get the best high quality digital sound through you audio system.

Single Stereo Aux Input: This single stereo Aux input provides additional RCA jacks for integration more devices like CD changer, Walkman or even i phones.All adaptors and speakers iPod interfaces what for Mercedes works. Visit, for more details about Car hifi, Auto hifi

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