Most Popular Vacation Bible School (VBS) Themes For 2009

Published: 14th July 2009
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For those running vacation bible school for the first time in 2009, you don't have to reinvent the wheel, trying to figure out how to make it entertaining. Thanks to a wide selection of VBS themes, creating a fun-filled center to teach children about God's word is easy to do. Picking your theme ahead of time will give you plenty of extra time to deal with other things, and letting the kids know ahead of time will help get them excited about the upcoming VBS.

Here is a list of the most popular complete VBS themes for 2009:

Crocodile Dock

From Group Publishing, the #1 VBS publisher, comes Crocodile Dock and the most popular VBS theme for 2009. Based on the New Living Bible Translation, it's kid friendly and easy to use. The theme is flexible, with a companion Director Manual that shows how to use Crocodile Dock for anything from weekday mornings to weekend retreats. New to 2009 is God Sightings, which helps kids find God's work in everyday life. Decorations, gifts and rewards, crafts, notepads and more are all a part of the Crocodile Dock theme.

Rome (Paul and the Underground Church)

Group's Rome takes kids on a trip to the past to meet Paul and early Christians. VBS participants get a chance to find out what it was like in the early days of the church. They'll become apprentices at marketplace shops, take part in dramas and visit Paul in his cell where he shares his writing and the Scripture. Living in ancient Rome as a Roman Christian, children will learn what it really means to be part of God's Church.

SonRock Kids Camp

A VBS theme by Gospel Light, SonRock is "where kids build their lives on the rock" of Jesus. Children become SonRock campers on an adventure in the great outdoors. Daily Bible Points help understand their relationship with Jesus, and camp journals let them write down their experiences. With an accompanying Director's Guide, crafts, snacks and games, SonRock has everything you'll need for a fun-filled learning experience.

Kingdom of the Son

Gospel Light brings the power of prayer to children of all ages with the Kingdom of the Son theme. A Director's Guide, Recreation and Snack Center Guide, as well as many others help the VBS director build a fantastic safari experience that leads kids to Jesus. Crafts, games, snacks, wall cutouts and pennants are just the beginning to discovering God's Word and the love of his Son.

Discovery Canyon

From Augsburg Fortress Publishing comes Discovery Canyon to help kids explore and learn about God's Word. As they learn, kids can collect critter friends, which are linked to the Psalm 9:1 Bible verse and the daily story. Gully games, toe-tapping music, Sagebrush storytelling, attendance charts, guides and canyon critters all help to build the backdrop of the Canyon, with rich stories and lessons to enforce God's loving message.

Gadget's Garage

Gadget's Garage, by CPH, brings kids to Gadget's workshop and introduces them to Gizmo, Gadget's creation. The main message of the theme is how we are made and transformed by Jesus and God's Word. Focusing on the glory of Jesus and God's Works, Gadget Garage helps children realize that Jesus makes all things new. God's creation, Jesus changing water into wine and sinners becoming new creations are brought to the kids through an inventive series of Robot Rhythms, puppets, crafts and stories.

Wildwood Forest

Published by David C. Cook, the Wildwood Forest VBS theme is full of secret caves, special hideaways and powerful lessons on being a follower of Christ. Unforgettable songs, adventurous journeys, Bible memory activities and interactive dramas teach, and then reinforce the power of God and the glory of His works. No matter the age level, there is a little something for everyone in the quests through Wildwood Forest.Concordia has everything you're looking for to make vacation bible school and Sunday school a success with the kids. Visit online for all your church supplies.

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