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Published: 25th July 2009
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The term "body butter" always makes people that aren't in "the know" frown. Maybe it brings visions of people wrapped in loaves of bread. Whatever the term makes people think of, however, the actual product is much more than a condiment.

Body Butter vs. Lotion

Lotions have a high water base. In fact, most are 70 to 90% water, with additional preservatives. This is one of the reasons why people with dry skin end up using lotion quite often. The skin absorbs the water and dries out quickly.

Body butter, on the hand, is a thick cream created from concentrated natural oils and butters. Although first time users find it a bit heavy feeling, it quickly sinks into the skin, leaving a smooth, silky feel behind. As a moisturizer, body butter is a dream come true - thick, creamy and, above all, moisturizing in a way that stays and doesn't wash off.

Natural vs. Chemical Ingredients

Butters and balms can be made from natural or chemical ingredients. Unfortunately, many chemical ingredients in butters actually seal off the pores, clogging them so the individual can't sweat freely. They can cause build up in the pores to create acne-related issues. In addition, many lip balms cause the opposite effect, with the additional chemicals drying out the lips rather than keeping them moist and healthy.

Natural butters and balms are made from ingredients such as seed and nut oils. Rather than blocking pores, the skin absorbs these natural oils for a softer, smoother feel. Body butters can contain oils with high concentrations of A, C and E vitamins, as well as antioxidants, calcium and iron.

Lip Balm and Body Butter Base

What's the difference between a base and the regular product? To put it simply, there are no additional ingredients in the base for body butter and lip balm.

Body butters and lip balms are formulated in several ways. Unfortunately, some are created with ingredients that can cause allergic reactions, especially in those with nut allergies. A simple base generally contains the natural oils from fruit and vegetable derivatives, as well as seeds (rather than nuts). Many people with nut allergies have found bases to be much better for their use, although shea butter can cause allergic reactions as it is derived from a nut.

Made from the same ingredients, both the lip balm and body butter bases are unscented and uncolored. Both can be used as is, or blended with scents and oils to create your personal flavor or smell. The base can be used in lipsticks, lotion bars, body butters, salves, solid perfumes, or even lip-gloss.

Creating Your Own Balm or Body Butter

The base is just that - a base or foundation for any number of wonderful scents and tastes. Many places that sell balm or butter bases also sell a variety of ingredients that can be used to make your own personal set of moisturizing, skin-happy cosmetics.


Three of the biggest sellers for body butters are cocoa, shea and mango. If you've heard of cocoa butter and seen the cocoa body butter products, you'll probably be surprised to know that unprocessed cocoa butter isn't smooth and creamy. In fact, it looks more like chunks of white chocolate than something you can put on your skin. Cocoa butter is available in natural (with the yummy chocolate essence) or deodorized.

Although cocoa and mango (similar to cocoa in look and feel) can be used as-is, many choose to incorporate these into the body butter or lip balm base for their nourishing properties and vitamin content. Not only will the finished product give the moisturizing benefits of the base, but it wall also provide the essential ingredients for increased skin elasticity (cocoa) or skin restoration (mango).

Shea butter, extracted from nuts, may not be the best choice for those with nut allergies. However, for those that aren't allergic, you'll find shea butter to be a wonderful emollient. It melts on contact with skin - can be applied directly or added to a butter or balm base. Shea naturally contains A, E and F vitamins, and its versatility as a cosmetic has made it a main ingredient in everything from acne and scar treatments to rashes, eczema and psoriasis.


Oils, from sunflower to grape seed and more, can be used on their own or added to balms and butter bases for even better effects on the lips and skin. For instance, castor oil can be added to lip balm base or massage oils to create a smooth glide across the skin. Many oils provide extra vitamin and fatty acid ingredients to help keep your skin and lips happy and healthy.

Flavor oils and fragrance oils can also be added to the bases. Flavor oils, such as raspberry or pina colada, don't actually have flavor; they're food safe fragrance oils that can be added to enhance the scent of your finished product.

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are only as subtle as you want them to be. With the butter base, you can mix fragrance oils and create everything from a favorite soap to a tantalizing lip balm or gloss. In fact, many use the base and fragrance oils to make personalized perfumes.

Body butter and lip balm base is a versatile, skin-friendly creation. Although many use it as is, with an array of oils, butters and other ingredients, it's just the beginning of a long line of personalized cosmetics. Made just for you - by you!Elements Bath and Body supplies wholesale soapmaking and toiletry supplies. When you're formulating your own soap, body lotion, lip balm, bath salts, or perhaps a special flax seed pillow, we have the supplies you need at wholesale prices. Visit online for more information.

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