Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones

Published: 18th December 2009
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Children's author, researcher, and humanitarian, Tina Turbin (, most celebrated for her children's series, Danny the Dragon, has emerged as a spokesperson for not only children's health issues but women's health as well, writing and speaking about diet, nutrition, and health concerns. Recently she began talking about how important it is for women to maintain balanced hormones as they age. Through her website and radio shows, she offers advice on how women can achieve balanced hormone levels.

"When your hormones are not balanced, you can feel it physically as well as emotionally," Tina says. Hormones are essential to every cell in the body. "When they're out of balance," she says, "you yourself are out of balance." Although hormonal balance is an issue that more and more aging women are concerned about, it is something that affects people of all ages and both genders, and Tina's tips can be applied by anyone.

First of all, it's important to see your doctor if you suspect that you may have a hormonal imbalance, Tina advises. When sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone are overproduced, this can have mild to severe affects on men and women, ranging from depression and mood swings to increased risk of some diseases. Saliva and blood tests can confirm a suspected imbalance, Tina says.

Getting more sleep is the most effective way of naturally increasing growth hormones, says Tina. Usually seven to eight hours of sleep is sufficient. Go to bed a little earlier or get up later by getting certain morning activities out of the way the night before, such as showering and packing your lunch before bed, Tina suggests.

A diet change is also an effective way to change the balance of your hormones. Tina recommends eliminating all artificial sweeteners, making sure to take fish oil and vitamins D, B and CoQ10 in your daily supplements, and also avoiding foods that stress your adrenals such as alcohol and caffeine. As you age, you may also need to begin avoiding dairy and wheat products, as the body can becomes less able to process them, causing physical stress. Tina maintains a gluten-free diet and finds that her hormonal levels have benefitted from this diet change.

Exercise can effectively correct a hormonal imbalance. Moving your body helps to stimulate its production of hormones, making you feel better. "Usually exercise in conjunction with dietary changes is most effective," Tina says. You don't necessarily have to start hitting the gym every morning to get the benefits of exercise. Going for fast-paced walks for at least thirty minutes three times a week can make a big difference, especially if you're usually sedentary.

Finally, avoiding stress in a variety of ways can help with hormone balance. There are many ways to reduce stress. The tips that Tina offers, such as a change in diet, getting exercise, and sleeping more, will all make a difference in the physical and emotional stress you experience.

It is becoming clearer with increased research in the area that hormone levels have a lot to do with how a person feels both physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's also becoming clear that not regulating these hormones can have serious effects on your health and well-being. "Many women with a hormonal imbalance don't even realize there is a problem with their hormones," Tina says. If you suspect that your hormone levels may need to be adjusted, take Tina's advice and see your doctor, while trying these natural remedies to bring balance to your endocrine (hormonal) system.

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