New DebtWatchers Program -Helps Improve Your Credit

Published: 07th January 2010
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DebtWatchers is an exclusive program only available by invitation, that uses Equifax Credit Reports to track consumer debt, and estimate how long it will take you to become debt free. DebtWatchers uses a debt-stacking system that allows you to pay off your debt faster by focusing on one account at a time. For example if you have 3 credit cards and a loan to pay off, the system will focus on the account that has the greatest debt, when that is paid off, it will focus on the next account. The program also creates a Fast Pay Plan that allows you to see the date you will be debt-free and you they can achieve your financial goals faster. This is a great tool that shows you how much money you will save on interest, and how much faster you will pay off your debt. The program will hold you accountable by notifying you if you are on or off plan to reach your debt-free date.

DebtWatchers also offers $25,000 worth of identity theft protection, while monitoring your credit reports and notifying you of any changes. With the FICO simulator tool, you can predict how much your credit score will change if you take certain actions. This program offers an explanation of positive and negative factors on your credit report, and offers you suggestions to help improve your credit scores. The $14.99 membership fee also includes 4 free credit scores, so you can monitor your credit report and credit scores. In the member area you can also access budget worksheets and useful articles on saving money and budgeting. DebtWatchers is very user friendly and there is a demo available to you through the simple process and take you one step closer to being debt free.

Many people are making their new year's resolution to get out of debt and improve their credit. If this is your case this new program is designed to help you achieve your goals.Aida Rojas is a financial advisor at

To learn more about DebtWatchers and how to use it please visit: Representative ID: NSHY7

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