Perfect Time to Call After First Date

Published: 20th February 2009
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One of the questions that a guy would think after his first date with a lady he likes is when he should phone her. Should he call immediately or should he wait? When it comes to this issue, a lot of dilemma usually come up. Some are saying that a guy should call the girl after 3 days. Some are saying after 5 days. Some even insist that it should be after a week.

The issue here is should a guy follow a set of equation when it comes to calling the girl that he just dated?

The complete truth is that there is no equation to master. You do not have to toll the minutes either. The right time to call her is when you feel that you want to; depending of course on how the date went through. If you think like you really like this girl and you have thought of calling her the same evening, you have the freedom to do so; specifically when you have this feeling that she also likes you.

Calling her the next day just to know how she is doing is a nice idea also. As much as possible, make the conversation short and make certain that you will be the one to hang up in a polite manner. This way, both of you will feel the charge and excitement; at the same time, she will not lose interest in you.

If you are wondering when the best moment is to get your mobile and dial her number, the least you can do is trust your instinct. Listen to that little voice inside you because it will tell you when is the best time to call her is. As long as you know you are not going to disturb her because of bad timing, then, you would not have to worry about starting the conversation.

If you intend to make her wonder if you ever liked her or not; then create some farce by not calling her immediately. You can let a few days pass and when you already have in mind what and when your next plan would be, surprise her by dialing her number. Invite her for a second date. If she likes you as well, this will make her tense a bit the moment you let her know that you want to be with her again.The author runs a popular christian relationship dating site and recommends this powerful free dating resources. Visit Best Moment to Call After First Date.

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