Perfectly designed soccer shoes like Nike and Adidas

Published: 27th April 2009
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Sports form a very important part of our daily life and many companies are associated in producing stylish and important sports apparels. Many famous sportsmen endorse these products and use them during the match. You will find variety of sports shoes and apart from the professional many people prefer to wear these branded shoes.

Nike- the greatest trade name for sportswear

Nike is a famous and well praised name in the world of sports equipments and sportswear. You will get the best athletic shoes from this famous brand and the names of Nike Pro, Air Jordan, Nike Golf, Nike , and Nike Skateboarding are not uncommon. Apart from these brand names you will also find the subsidiaries of Hurley International, Cole Haan, Converse and Umbro quite popular as well. Nike also proudly sponsors different sports teams and popular athletes from various parts of the world.

The main sports for which we will find the Nike products are the football, golf, athletics, volleyball, baseball, wrestling, tennis, basketball, cycling, cheerleading, racing, combat sports and skateboarding. The Swoosh logo and the "Just do it" trademark are well renowned. Joan Benoit Samuelson, Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, John McEnroe, Mia Hamm and Pete Sampras are some of the popular players among many who have long established relationship with Nike. You will find factories of Nike situated at the countries of India, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, Malaysia and Thailand.

Adidas and its association with soccer

Adidas will always be the leading company to produce sports gear for any sports team. But soccer is the sport which gets the maximum priority. Major League Soccer is one such soccer tournament for which Adidas is known to produce the perfect team kit. Almost all the football teams from the countries of Greece, Israel, Germany, France, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria, Romania and Japan wear the shoes from Adidas. Adidas is quite popular because it invented some special footwear for sports particularly soccer. One such invention is the Copa Mondial and this boot aptly fits in the hard and dry pitches.

The famous "Predator" design for the boots was conceptualized by Craig Johnston a famous player from Australia. The company also specializes in manufacturing footballs and FIFA allowed the usage of such footballs because of its special characteristics. The footballs that were used during the 2006 Germany World Cup had the capacity to move to a great distance and the strikes for goals had long range. Though this increased spectator satisfaction but the goalkeepers were found complaining heavily against the system. The designs of the shoes are blend of technology, trend and utility. Today both you will find ardent fans of Nike and Adidas and the popularity of the brands is increasing day by is web portal for nogomet enthusiasts. It offers a wide selection of Nike and Adidas footwear. Visit Perfectly designed soccer shoes like Nike and Adidas.

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