Protect Your Heart From Bradycardia

Published: 17th September 2009
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Heart diseases are always to be treated with special care and concern as it is a vital organ of the body. Bradycardia is one of few heart diseases, which is quite common and can be fatal in some cases. The average heartbeat of a normal person should not fall below 60 beats per minute, but when it does so, you need a serious check up. Certain sports personalities can have very low heart rate because of special training which is considered to be normal. Apart from decreased heart rate if you suffer from fatigue, weakness, fainting or chest discomfort then you should immediately rush to a medical practitioner or even better to a heart specialist.

The situation varies in case of infants and new born babies. In their case any kind of heart disorder is marked as Bradycardia, if the heart rate is below 100 beats per minute as their average is about 120-160 beats per minute. Often the treatment is very complex for this disease, as the cause needs to be identified efficiently. This type of heart disorder is generally occurred due to excessive drug use, metabolic and endocrine disorders, thyroid oriented problems, neurologic factors and other irregular lifestyles.

Medically, the cause of the disease can be explained as the sinus node dysfunction, which is responsible for sending automatic pulses to the heart muscles to contract and relax. The sinus node is often referred as the pace maker of the heart, which acts as the controller of timing related to the heart movements. Bradycardia is mainly treated with medical drugs if detected in the initial stages, otherwise it requires installation of artificial pace maker which demands an operation and high costs.If you'd like to read more about bradycardia, check out

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