Proxy Servers to Bypass Rapidshare Download Limits

Published: 01st April 2009
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Introducing Rapidshare

Rapidshare is one of the world's biggest names in file hosting in the world today. Among the millions of web sites out there, this site is one of the hottest judging by the amount of traffic going in and out of their servers every day. The traffic generated for this site even rivals that of Yahoo and Google.

The site and its services, of course, come with a fee. However, there is also a free limited service if you don't have premium. You can still download files from Rapidshare even if you don't have a premium account. Premium account holders can download files without any limits to how many they can download. As long as their computer has enough space on their hard drive and enough bandwidth to cover the load, then this site is a one stop shop for all your file hosting needs.

Those who don't have premium accounts may download files but the service will come with limits. Other than the download speed being a lot slower for non-premium users, there is also a wait time before you can commence downloading another file. This wait time can last from two minutes to even as long as an hour.

Using Proxy Servers for Rapidshare Downloads

Not everybody wants to sign up for a Rapidshare premium account. However, it would become a hassle or a bit laborious if you're downloading a 600 megabyte file that has been split into six 100 megabyte smaller files.

This simply means you would have to download six different files while suffering slower download speeds and a certain amount of wait times, which may last several hours if you're unlucky. However, there is a way to bypass the wait time and download limit. Using proxy servers is one way to bypass this limit.

There are other solutions that will require you to use software to help you download more files but if you're not willing to install software on your computer then you can opt to use proxy servers. You can download one file and then change your browser's proxy settings and then download the next file.

Your IP address will be hidden while you download a file via a proxy thus allowing you to download more files. The only difficulty with this solution is that you'll have to find different servers that really work. If you're not willing to wait on all files then you may use different browsers with different settings and download different files all at the same time.

Using proxy servers to mask your IP address so you may download more files from Rapidshare's free service is one solution. Other methods would involve signing up for a premium account (if you're an avid downloader) or using third-party downloading software.Peter Garant has written many articles about Internet Proxy servers for a recently launched website about Proxy Sites. Visit Proxy Servers to Bypass Rapidshare Download Limits.

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