RayBan and its latest model Ray Ban 3293

Published: 17th June 2009
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Google the question "the best glasses in the world" right on the top you will get RayBan sunglasses. And this is the truth, RayBan are the world's most wonderful and renowned brand. Obviously the credit goes to none other than Bausch and Lomb for designing the world's best sunglasses.

They first became famous when there aviator sunglasses hit the market in 1937. They were created for the US Air Force and their spectacular features included metal frames made out of gold and green lenses tear shaped and made out of glass. Ever since the popularity ride for RayBan has not subsided, it is still the best sunglasses brand in the world.

Their fame has a strong reason behind, the reason being the finest optical glass used in the sunglasses. This optical glass brings out visual clarity along with color stability. You do not get scratches on the glass and the best is that they are totally UV and UVB protected.

RayBan is a ancient line of sunglasses coming from one of the oldest companies in US. Bausch and Lomb, was formed in 1853 by two German brothers John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb, having their headquarters based in New York. It is rightly said that the company has a very important presence in the eyewear market. In 1999, Bausch - Lomb sold the brand to the Italian Luxottica Group.

To keep itself on the top, the company uses latest technology to create new models and bring innovations in its classical glasses. They are well known for combing art and science together and producing world's leading glasses.

Some of the top brands of RayBan sunglasses are:

Ray Ban's G-15 Lens, they are made to highlight colors that eyes notice most, allowing the wearer to see the world in its actual colors.

CR-39, they are shaded lens, they facilitate exclusive twosome tone lens fades that improve characterization and contrast.

Ray Ban 3293: Ray Ban Aviator 3293 sunglasses are made with a lightweight and strong metal frame. They are totally scratch free and they 100 % UV protected which gives the glasses splendid optical clarity. Ray Ban sunglasses are simply the best-selling brand in the world! In every nook and corner of the world you will see that it is every man and woman's dream to wear Ray ban glasses. They are known for their excellence and comfort level which they provide to the user. They do not only come with great styling options and many shapes, they simply look amazing on everybody. Ray ban 3293 will be young, popular and talk of the crowd forever.

RayBan 3293 is the choice of many celebrities as well. For instance the celebrity Wood Harris has worn Ray-Ban RB 3293 sunglasses in his 2009 movie Next Day Air. You can see him wearing Ray Ban sunglasses in a scene; they are having a black matte frame.

The best place to shop for RayBan 3293 is online; they are easy accessible and quick delivery is also promised. You can check RayBan prices on http://rayban3293.com/For details visit:http://www.rayban3293.com

Ray ban 3293 will be young, popular and talk of the crowd forever. Ray Ban Aviator 3293 sunglasses are made with a lightweight and strong metal frame.

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