Restrictive diets carry few benefits but lots of risks?

Published: 09th October 2009
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In order to be able to create a fat weight loss diet, you need to identify which foods are bad and which are good for your metabolism. A crash diet is not the solution, and before we go on with some food suggestions, we need to make some specifications about the risks and disadvantage of very restrictive diets. Reduce food intake to lose weight; this is a false myth that is often responsible for the failure of most weight loss attempts

With restrictive diets, the metabolism slows down, getting into a conservation mode that consumes only very few resources. The health condition drops below the safety level and weight loss results are minimum. You can end up with anemia, poor immune functions and sensitivity to disease, and it would be all because of a poor nutrition.

A real fast weight loss diet is one that allows you to burn more calories than you consume. Only this formula guarantees success. The achievement of such goals is not possible without activities that burn the fat: sports, cardio and weight training will consume energy and make the fat deposits melt away. And here is what a fast weight loss diet should contain.

Plenty of fruits and vegetables to provide the right amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Combine these with fresh dairy products such as cottage cheese, yogurt and milk. Seeds and cereal are very useful as they contain fat acids that accelerate metabolism and prevent the oxidation processes at the cellular level.

Fish and chickenare the best meats you can have as part of a fast weight loss diet, but we can't discard beef or veal either. The cooking process of such foods is the one to make a difference. Develop a workout routine and consume energy without trying to count calories and thus waste precious time. Burn more than you consume! And you will achieve the right body shape!

A fast weight loss diet could also rely on nutritional supplements and on a certain number of meals. Yet, some people prefer to take pills that suppress hunger and thus they eat less. The body needs nutrients: eat small portions in four or five meals and you will feel in great shape and still burn fat. As for supplements, it is best to try products that contribute to the detoxification of the body and the improvement of the digestion rather than to the suppression of the appetite.Patrick Sia highly recommends for further reading on Tips and Tricks to loss weight effectively.

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