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Published: 10th August 2009
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Most women who have looked up Revitalash on net or in the shops have ended up with disappointed. And the disappointed is right because the product is almost $ 150, now if you are not some rich chick you would not think of buying such a expensive product.

Revitalash is a creation of ophthalmologist, to be more precise it was put together by a doctor who wanted his wife to have back the beautiful lashes that she had lost in chemotherapy. She was the first one to try the product as such promising results came out, improvements were brought in it and months later it was marketed to the public to be sold.

Does Revitalash work?

This is the most common question that every body asks and I am sure it is even crossing your mind as well. The truth is that Revitalash formula will show positive effects if you keep a realistic approach and show the will to complete the course.

Revitalash does give every woman the long luscious lashes she wants; you will witness your lashes growing strong and healthy in the first week only. However, due to genetics, there is a limit to which your eyelashes can grow.

If you think that being an expensive product it will help you in attaining long and beautiful lashes, then it is not so. Revitalash will simply grow your eye lashes back to the normal size faster after serious loss.

Revitalash are absolutely amazing if you want to have long lashes in very less time. Many people almost have a panic attack when they by mistake pluck a lot of their eyelashes out or when they take out the fake eyelashes and realize their natural eyelashes are ruined.

For people with such dreadful scenarios, Revitalash acts as a blessing. It will grow back your eye lashes in a month's time, giving it more fuller, longer and healthier look. Revitalash eyelash conditioner will make your eyelashes sparkler that you have not witnessed before.

All those patients who lost their eyelashes due to cancer or some other disease speak positively about Revitalash as it quickly returned their lost eyelashes.

Is Revitalash for me?

Revitalash is for everybody the decision is on you whether you want to use it or not ? Revitalash conditioner will grow your eyelashes only till where it is genetically possible but it will make your eyelashes grow faster and give them their long lost shine back, making them look healthy and beautiful.

For those who find Revitalash expensive for them there are other products in the market that can be used as an alternative. But they do not give the result that Revitalash offers. If you can be patient and save money then go for Revitalash as it is simply the best!.For details visit:

Revitalash does give every woman the long luscious lashes she wants. Does revitalash work? can be find from above site.

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