Roast Pork Loin Wholesale - Kurobuta Japanese Pork Loin

Published: 03rd June 2009
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Pork is one of my favorite cuisines. My family has been pork lovers since before I was born. Our family prefers to serve a roast pork loin at Thanksgiving rather than a roast turkey. I have been in search of the perfect pork loin for most of my adult life. I found a site named which I have gone to before to look up recipes and cooking techniques. As I was searching around, I found some other unique products such as as Napa Valley natural fruit purees, sashimi tuna, American Kobe Wagyu beef and a new item to me, Kurabuta pork, also referred to as Berkshire Japaneses Pork. The site explains, this pork variety has been celebrated in Japan and around the world for many reasons, but especially for its marbling and flavor, which is what gives it its uniqueness. American Kurobuta Pork loin is lean, with small, fine streaks of marbling that make each cut sweet, tender, and juicy. Unlike traditional white pork which in many cases is very typical and dry, American Kurobuta pork is much darker in color and rich in flavor. In fact, the Wall Street Journal has dubbed it "The Other Red Meat." The available pork cuts are a bone-in rack which includes the pork ribs, and a boneless pork loin. My boneless pork loin got to my home in a day and was packed in a very efficient Styrofoam cooler. Cooking pork has been a hobby of mine and I decided to keep this attempt simple. Garlic, olive oil, and Kosher salt. In the oven for 45 minutes at 350 degrees and left to rest on the counter for another ten minutes while I finished up the sides and accompaniments. The pork roast cut like butter and the juiciness was amazing. As stated, the pork meat was slightly darker and had a complexity of flavors which was so different than typical grocery store style meat. Although a little pricier than grocery store pork, I was very impressed in the value that the purchase gave me. I will definitely buy Kurobuta pork again and probably make it at our next family gathering which is coming up soon.You can find Kurobuta Pork at! Visit Roast Pork Loin Wholesale - Kurobuta Japanese Pork Loin.

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