Seduced by the Hidden Gems of Naples

Published: 16th July 2009
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It is one of the most attractive cities in Italy. Its marvelous cultural heritage presents itself in many amazing forms - through the churches, museums, castles, and even cuisine.

Despite some of the unfavorable things said about Naples - from being a chaotic destination that jars the senses to its being frenetic and difficult to navigate - it continues to attract travelers who want to enjoy some sun and excitement.

There are actually many things to do while in this historic vacation spot that never fails to captivate people.

For starters, you can hie off to bed and breakfast places situated right in the heart of historic centers. The Campania region actually offers several fascinating towns where the historic houses and buildings have been restructured and designed with a meticulous eye for detail.

For those who have already checked in at their hotels or villas, the first thing that comes to mind is to enjoy the food. A huge authentic pizza (which comes in several mouth-watering flavors) in a great restaurant, oozing with lots of mozzarella and tomato sauce, can be really sublime. It's one experience that can be enjoyed alone or in the company of friends or family members. There are many pizzerias that get the thumbs up from pizza-loving travelers. In Naples, there are cheap but tasty pizza places and trendier restaurants serving other delicious treats. There are also family-run restaurants that serve good Italian cuisine.

Discovering the sights of Naples may be next on your agenda. If you're a couple who wants to veer away from head-spinning explorations of so many different places, you may opt to choose a day tour, or soak in the sights from Naples to other places of interest, like Pompeii, plus a memorable climb to the summit of Mount Vesuvius.

The splendid city of Naples offers wonderful scenery, including beaches with a beautiful backdrop. Yearning to explore the Bay of Naples? Besides getting a taste of the most exquisite wines and gastronomic delights, there are monuments and art works representing different historical periods. Naples' historic center leads to numerous intersecting streets and the main street of Spaccanapoli. Also worth seeing are the remains of certain towns, like Pompeii and Herculaneum, along with the statues and wall paintings on display in the archaeological museum.

Indeed, if museums hold special attraction for you, Naples is just the right place for you. The city itself is a showcase of a rich historical heritage. There are numerous ancient churches and palaces. There are also countless passageways and tunnels, plus a Roman underground theater, that catch the attention of most travelers. Underground Naples can be just as awesome as the open air attractions. It melds the special allure of Ancient Rome with the drama of World War II.

For those who would also want sidetrips to the countryside, or the vineyards dotting the Campania region, there are unique opportunities to try potentially great wines.Marco is the owner of luxury Bed and Breakfast in Napoli located right in the ancient heart of the city, a very special accommodation to spend some days in a cheap yet special Residence in Napoli city, Italy.. Visit .

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