Should Sterling Silver Jewelry be a Fundamental Part of Your Investments?

Published: 27th April 2010
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Gold and other precious metals are linked to the economy as a whole but not in the ways that many investment commodities typically are, and as you've no doubt heard, the value of Gold has risen dramatically and steadily as the standard markets of the global economy have faltered and declined. Unlike the other investments, the value of precious metals like Gold and Silver have been stable over the long term because they are and always will be highly prized and sought after by consumers in the forms of jewelry and fine art.

While demand for Gold and Silver remains stable, the value of these metals increases even more during times of economic decline as stocks and currencies decline. This makes Gold and Silver reliable refuges for investors and those who want peace of mind regarding their assets when the performance other investment commodities are shaky at best. Since the value of these precious metals don't suffer during these periods, this makes the current global economic situation the perfect time to own Gold or Silver.

More and more, Gold is not only seen as a reliable alternative to the stock market roller coaster for keeping your funds safe, it is seen as a viable investment option all its own and there no end in sight to continued long term gains. While Gold is on everyone's minds, many people often forget about other precious metals, and one excellent investment opportunity is Silver, particularly Sterling Silver.

Though Silver's performance tracks the performance of Gold closely, Silver is a cheaper alternative and is poised to gain significant value as demand increases. If you've been considering investing in Gold or already have Gold as a considerable part of your portfolio, you'll know that Gold has acquired a kind of bandwagon effect with investors of all kinds eager to jump on. Large companies and groups are already beginning to turn to Silver because it is an excellent alternative or addition to Gold.

Silver may be the lesser known commodity compared to Gold, but its value is expected to rise, and individual investors currently have a perfect opportunity to invest in this precious metal. Investing in Sterling Silver Jewelry is one of the many ways individuals can safeguard and even increase the value of their assets and is probably one of the easiest ways to invest in Silver. If you decide to invest in Sterling Silver, you should always check to make sure that the jewelry you're buying is marked .925 as this indicates the actual silver content of the jewelry you may be purchasing, with the rest typically consisting of copper. The jewelry may also be marked "Sterling" or "Sterling Silver".

Another option for investors interested in Silver is Silver Bullion which, like Gold, can be found in the form of bars or coins, which are also referred to as Bullion Rounds. Though Silver Bullion Rounds come in a range of sizes, the smallest contain no less than an ounce of pure Silver and and every Bullion Round has a .999 purity. Owning these coins is becoming very popular as they are an extremely convenient way to invest in Silver.

Silver Bullion Bars are another alternative for investors, though owning these may not come with the same level of convenience as jewelry or bullion rounds. The weight and purity of every bar of silver is clearly marked and there are a variety of sizes available no matter what kind of investment you're willing to make.Jansen Davis writes about sterling silver jewelry for

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