Spots on the tongue

Published: 05th May 2010
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The attributes of a normal tongue is pink in color covered with small nodules referred to as papillaes. At some point or another persons will experience spots showing up on the tongue. The spots may occur through things like; smoking, trauma, stress, tongue ulcer, burning tongue syndrome and infections like oral thrush, oral lichen Lanus and leukoplakia.

Too much smoking can lead to the tongue becoming irritated and developing spots on the tongue. Trauma may cause a person to bite their tongue which can cause sores and legions to arise on the tongue. Tongue ulcers, medically referred to as aphthous ulcer is also a major cause for spots to come up on the tongue. When this happens, white legions can be seen on the tongue. Tongue ulcers can be caused by many things such as eating too much spicy food, brushing the teeth in the incorrect manner that aggravates the papillaes that guard the tongue, not eating at the appropriate intervals during the day.

Drinking too much alcohol, coffee, or tea can cause damage to the tongue and result in an ulcers appearing. Corrosive substances found in certain toothpaste may also inflame the tongue and cause ulcers also. Prior to going through menopause women may be diagnosed with burning tongue syndrome which makes the tongue sense a burning sensation which causes irritation leading to spots arising on the tongue.

Oral thrush is known as a yeast infection which can affect the tongue by produceing creamy white legions brushing or scraping these legions only increase the irritation and lead to slight bleeding. Oral lichen planus forms white spots on the tongue but is usually found in persons individuals who are middle aged. These legions can show up for years if they it is chronic but the occurence of legions can be reduced if individuals reduce their alcohol and tobacco intake. If the oral lichen planus is serious then treatment such as mouth washes and immunosuppressants may be needed to clear the mouth of the spots.

Leukoplakia is also identified by white spots on the tongue which happens when cells in the tongue multiply and build up into spots. However, the reason for this ailment is not known but can be especially identified in persons who smoke tobacco plenty.Please visit these links for more information on Spots on Tongue and What Causes Purple Lips.

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