Spreading the Word with Stylish, Spiritual Clothing for Teen Girls

Published: 05th October 2009
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You have probably heard the adage, "clothing makes the man," and there is a certain amount of truth to that saying. The clothing that you wear definitely makes a statement and can reflect on your personality and thinking. So, how can teen girls use that thinking to make a conscious statement about their faith in a trendy and cool way? What would Jesus wear?

Jesus would wear stylish, spiritual clothing!

The fashion and clothing industry is not only about selling clothing, accessories, and looking good. It can also be about spreading an important message. Offering spiritual, fashion-forward clothing to teen girls allows Christian companies to maintain the status quo of their business while simultaneously spreading the word and good news of Jesus Christ. The clothing not only appeals to young girls with modern styles and designs, but makes a positive difference in their day. Spiritual clothing is not meant to convert nonbelievers, but to minister others, make a statement of what you believe, and spread encouraging words with a little hint of faith.

Spiritual clothing was once thought of as only appropriate for church gatherings and events. However, this is not the case anymore. Most spiritual clothing is casual and fashionable - just what teen girls want! Great for a day at school or at the mall with friends, spiritual clothing can be right at the front of the closet instead of tucked away in a drawer waiting for a youth group retreat.

One of the most popular articles of clothing among teenage girls is the t-shirt. With so many t-shirts out there promoting corporations, products, bands, television shows, and what-not, why not use the medium to spread the word of something far more important? T-shirts achieve this easily in a fun, yet simple way.

First, in order for spiritual clothing to even appeal to teen girls, it has to be modern, fun, and fashionable. In days past, much Christian wear was made for men - large, boxy t-shirts that no self-respecting teenage girl would be seen in. In order for girls to be able to spread the word through clothing, it must be cool and cut to fit the feminine form. Having faith never meant that you can't have fashion sense! The designs and slogans on these articles of clothing also need to be powerful yet girly and subtle. The best spiritual clothing evolves with the latest trends and styles - something teen girls keep a close eye on.

Stylish and spiritual clothing makes it easy for teen girls to be a good witness everyday. It's as simple as getting dressed in the morning. At first thought, many teen girls may cringe at the idea of spreading the word with their fashion... that is until they see modern spiritual clothing. Mostly in the form of cute, girlie tops, today's spiritual clothing often features a humorous yet significant slogan or message on it. Some spiritual messages aren't even in the form of words and catchy phrases, but as designs such as angel wings, butterflies, and fish. Other types of spiritual clothing and accessories may include hats, tote bags, hoodies, sweatshirts, belts, bracelets, and necklaces.

Teen girls that have faith can spread the word without actually evangelizing when they don spiritual clothing. A lot of times people, especially teenagers, don't want to come across as 'preachy' to their friends and neighbors, but they still want to state what makes them feel good. Cool spiritual clothes mean girls can spread the good word without uttering a single syllable. All it takes is to glance at their shirt or tote bag. This simple glance spreads the message and gets other people thinking, and that's all you really need. Some people might even ask about the message or design on the clothing, giving you the opportunity to elaborate at your leisure.

Spiritual clothing doesn't have to be as staid as it once was. Its made the transition to more fun and stylish, embracing things that girls like. The word can be an intense topic and message for some, but with cool spiritual clothing it doesn't have to be conveyed that way at all. Girls love making fun fashion statements, and through their choice of clothing their statement can also spread the word. This allows them to get the word out and let their beliefs be known without coming down heavy-handed. Sometimes, the religious reference isn't always obvious but the design is always related in some way to the Bible or Jesus Christ. When the message is conveyed in a humorous and lighthearted way, it usually appeals more to teen girls.BackwardFish is a leading supplier of Christian t shirts online today. Visit us today for a large selection of cool Christian T-shirts for you or as a great gift.

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