The Big Players - Nike and Adidas

Published: 20th August 2009
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Adidas sneakers are among the best brands of shoes today. The quality of their products is extremely good and they have lots of different types of shoes for different sport as well as for casual wear. Adidas dominated the market for a long time, they were among the first sports brands to release their products into the market and of course, were hugely successful. The Adidas craze caught on, like wildfire. For several years, Adidas was the choice of brand for sports professionals and athletes.

Adidas even became the first fashion brand, to associate itself with music, especially hip hop and their clothing line also made its mark in the fashion industry. The company started off, as a humble venture by two brothers- the Dassler brothers, in Germany. They were basically slipper makers, one day, while selling shoes for tennis players, they figured out how to design specific shoes for specific sports, by studying the kinematics involved. But a family feud, led these two brothers to split up, and Puma was born. But that's another story.

But neither of the two big companies - Adidas or Puma recognized the potential threat of a small American company, based in Oregon, called Nike! Nike produces great shoes of good quality and is probably the biggest, most popular and best brand of sports shoes of our times. They have a great range of shoes and sneakers suited for all sports.

Nike was founded in the year 1972, and gained more popularity over Adidas because it had a wider range of colors and styles and hence a much larger variety of shoes designed to cater to people of all age groups. In the 1980s, Nike completely overthrew Adidas and the sales figures of Adidas showed a distinctive slump, and Nike's rose. Moreover, Nike did a whole lot of things to promote its shoes, not least of which was the concept of Nike Jordan's, with the all-time basketball great, Michael Jordan as its ambassador.

Probably, the only think that Nike needs to improve upon is the cost factor. Nike's shoes and sneakers are a bit more expensive than that of the other brands. They are well worth it, because of their durability and quality and their large variety, but, for many people, cost is the biggest deciding factor when it comes to making a purchase.

Now, most athletes prefer Nike shoes, because of their great quality. But Adidas sneakers are also not far behind in the race. Adidas has also begun it's resurgence, and what a comeback they have made, so now it's Nike vs. Adidas, neck to neck! offers a large selection of Adidas sneakers and Nike sneakers. Various types of Nike shoes should help you to enjoy your sports activities. Visit The Big Players - Nike and Adidas.

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